Marty Rathbun: The Master of Deception

. . . and that's Marty's way.

Marty Rathbun uses two “tests” to both deliberately mislead and deceive the few people that  follow him, and to remain hidden as an SP and a squirrel.

The “tests” most people use are these:

1.     Is the data from a reliable source?

If this can be answered as “yes” then most people are happy that the data is true.

Marty Rathbun routinely claims to have reliable sources for the data he supplies.  He will say things like, “This man is a real stand up guy who has championed the cause for years!”  (The obvious implication is that because Marty endorses the person, everything that person now says is true.)  Often he will claim that a person has some kind of inside knowledge, held some position or other, has personal experience or some other thing that makes them “reliable” and, by insinuation, their data true.

And let’s not forget that Marty holds himself up as a most reliable source, as he does with Mike Rinder.

In fact, anyone who joins Marty’s syndicate is touted as a reliable source and someone whose natter should be believed.

2.     Is the data consistent with that heard from other sources?

This is the multiple report system, and people tend to think that if they have heard something repeatedly and from different sources, then it must be true.

Once again Marty employs this mechanism to the full, often referring to his “multiple viewpoint system” and making a point of saying that the same “data” has come from many sources.  Sometimes he says he has “verified” something with several people – anything to make it appear that the data is known from many sources.

As with many SPs throughout the ages, Marty Rathbun has an innate understanding of these two systems, and relentlessly uses them to forward his lies and mask the truth.