Marty Rathbun, the shack deprogrammer

Below is a comment  that was sent in response to one of my articles.  I felt it is deserving of its own posting as the contributor, someone I have known for years, really knows their stuff on this subject –  deprogramming.


“I have been noting the techniques of manipulation and propaganda that Marty Rathbun has been using on his blog and in his public statements and have found a complete parallel to those of a religious deprogrammer.

The techniques which Marty uses have been practiced by other religious deprogrammers since Ted Patrick coined the term “deprogramming” in the early 1970s.

The techniques are as follows:

1. Discredit the figure of authority in the targeted religious group. (Done by putting out derogatory propaganda for the purpose of destroying a person’s reputation or public belief in the leader, religious group or organizations or the religious philosophy itself.)

2. Present information in a way that makes it appear to be contradictory in nature so as to paint the picture that the ideology of a targeted religion is different than the reality of practice in the group.

3. Continue feeding the subject of the deprogramming negative information until the person reaches a breaking point (feed the person entheta to cause ARC breaks). The breaking point is reached when the subject begins to agree with the deprogrammer and begins to feel alienated toward the religious group or the religion itself. The subject then no longer agrees to hold to the ideals of his religious group.

4. When a subject begins to voice gripes against the religious group (i.e. non stop natter), it is a sign that he has been “broken” of his loyalty to the group.

5. Success is achieved when the subject identifies with the deprogrammers and starts to think of himself or herself as an opponent of the religion rather than as a member of it.

Rathbun is in reality a religious deprogrammer.  Joining the Rathbun’s “Independent” movement is merely one step in the process of leaving Scientology; a gradient approach to abandoning the religion of Scientology entirely.

The purpose of getting someone to become an “Independent” is the accomplishment of steps 3 and 4 above which is the same as the final objective of a religious deprogramming: to get people to abandon their religion.

When I count up how many people connected with the Rathbun as “Independents” have now left Scientology, almost every “Independent” I can think of has become totally inactive as a Scientologist even when they pay lip service to being Scientologists.

Many have completely abandoned Scientology.   Many have become attackers of LRH and Scientology. Marty aligns himself with them because he is working for the same objective.

Don’t be fooled. Part of the Rathbun’s exit strategy for getting people to leave Scientology is by offering them the gradient of becoming an “Independent.” After that wedge is driven between them and the Church, a person soon individuates due to their own violations of the codes of Scientology. Continuing on that road they cease being Scientologists altogether. The purpose of the Rathbun is to get Scientologists to leave Scientology entirely and in the end, to become anti-Scientologists. You can take this one to the bank.”