Marty Rathbun: The Traitor of Standard Tech

Marty Rathbun has positioned himself as a friend of LRH, yet he squirrels the tech.

He plagiarizes LRH materials and his technology. He thinks he knows best and that Scientology churches are doing it wrong and that he is the only one who knows how to do it right.  But he has no stats to back it up.

Rathbun feeds squirrel “upper levels” data to lower level cases and then lets them spin.  He “audits” people with no C/S, there is no Examiner at the end of the “session”, no cramming or correction lines. His TRs are very lousy to say the least. Nothing of what Marty is doing resembles Standard Tech.  Look at the track of his “PCs” – they all have crashed and burned.

Don’t be fooled by Marty Rathbun’s clichés.  Marty has to justify his suppressive acts and he is convinced that what he is doing is right – there is not a chance that Marty will ever admit to being wrong. Straight out of HCO Bulletin of 22 July 1963 Issue I, YOU CAN BE RIGHT:

“A thetan tries to be right and fights being wrong. This is without regard to being right about something or to do actual right. It is an insistence which has no concern with a rightness of conduct.

“One tries to be right always, right down to the last spark.

“How, then, is one ever wrong?

“It is this way: One does a wrong action, accidentally or through oversight. The wrongness of the action or inaction is then in conflict with one’s necessity to be right. So one then may continue and repeat the wrong action to prove it is right.

“This is a fundamental of aberration. All wrong actions are the result of an error followed by an insistence on having been right. Instead of righting the error (which would involve being wrong), one insists the error was a right action and so repeats it.

“As a being goes downscale, it is harder and harder to admit having been wrong. Nay, such an admission could well be disastrous to any remaining ability or sanity.

“For rightness is the stuff of which survival is made. And as one approaches the last ebb of survival, one can only insist on having been right — for to believe for a moment one has been wrong is to court oblivion.

“The last defense of any being is “I was right.” That applies to anyone. When that defense crumbles, the lights go out.” L. Ron Hubbard