Marty Rathbun the “victim”

To listen to Marty Rathbun one would think he is a mere victim of one unforgivable travesty after another, and has been for years.

You never hear him say anything positive about the Church or its management or parishioners (even putting aside the fact that he actively works to destroy all 3 daily.)

In fact, he’s taken his victimhood and tries to make it an art form as well as a full-time occupation. We’ve been treated to a Poor-Marty-the-Victim actually choking back sobs for a gathered press as he whimpers that he was “made to do” the bad things he did, and that he “was only following orders.”

Yet back in the safety of his little computer-hovel he speaks like a street-thug challenging “boys” and “punks” to “bring it on” because he has them “right where he wants them.” For the captive audience in his cult of personality, he is all of a sudden Mr. Cause again.

And he engages in a continual campaign to gather around him other ersatz victims who are also happy to assign responsibility elsewhere for their miserable state, and to commiserate with Marty over their effect-filled lives.

Marty’s victim battleground takes ever-widening turns as now it is not just a man or a few men who victimize Rathbun and his cult, but a government and it’s investigative and police agencies, then multiple governments, and now the 1% who control the world and conspire against Justice for Marty the Victim (and his drummed-up supporters.)

We’re waiting for Marty to blame his decrepit state on alien interference next.

If you cut through the shameless histrionics – that genuine victims never need to resort to – you will notice that all one ever hears from Rathbun is motivators. One after the other. On the rare occasion when he does coyly admit to his own overts (when pressed,) he minimizes them and casts responsibility elsewhere, overtly or covertly. But these admissions were so few and far between as to be virtually non-existent. To this day, even other Scientology-haters excoriate Rathbun on the internet for never fessing up to all the harmful things he’s done over 3 decades.

If Marty could afford to look, LRH quite clearly describes the phenomenon in which Marty has embedded himself in HCOB Overt-Motivator Sequence:

“AN OVERT, IN Dianetics and Scientology, is an aggressive or destructive ACT by the individual against one or another of the eight dynamics – (self, family, group, mankind, animals or plants, MEST, life or the infinite)

A MOTIVATOR is an aggressive or destructive act received by the person or one of the dynamics.

. . .

When one has done something bad to someone or something one tends to believe it must have been “motivated.”

. . .

 “People go about believing they were in an auto accident when in actual fact they caused one.”

There are two extreme stages of overt-motivator phenomena. One is a person who gives up only motivators (always done to him) and the other is the person who “has done only overts” (done to others).”

The point is clear. Marty Rathbun is an extreme case of overt-motivator phenomena. All he ever gives up, all one ever hears from him are motivators; all the bad things done to him and his dynamics. He is stuck in it. He even has a captive corral of suppressive sympathizers validating him for it. He will never be freed of it until he comes clean on his own transgressions, and that means coming clean with time, place, form and event with full responsibility for them.

But he has made a new career out of motivating and whining widely about it, being unable to make money otherwise. So in addition to being in a fixed, miserable state as a no-gain-case, he’s built himself a vested interest in making his victimhood a cottage industry.

The one-way flow of Rathbun’s victimhood could be alleviated if Rathbun would only apply the tech he pretends to know and support.

Clean hands make a happy life.