Marty Rathbun was electric-shocked – he says so.

Marty Rathbun said on May 10th, 2013:

Insanity runs deep in my family. My mother received multiple electro-convulsive shock therapy treatments while pregnant with me.  … I recalled my mother being taken off to a private psychiatric facility while I resided in her womb.  When she was hit with electro-convulsive shock I, the spirit, was hurtled out of the body and witnessed the rest of the ‘treatment’ from above looking down at the psychiatrist and his assistants and my mother’s body strapped to the table.  When the violence was over, I contemplated leaving and finding another mother and another fetus to occupy.  … I decided I would weather the storm, stick around and help the mother I had initially chosen.  When I was in my early thirties I told my aunt about these recollections and her jaw dropped.  My descriptions of the facility and the surrounds and the event were accurate in all details.  … I am a lunatic by virtue of carrying my mother’s genes, complicated and compounded by my fetal electro-shock experience.