Marty Rathbun Was Number 2 On Getting Electric Shocked

It was 1956, in a country club type of psychiatric mental hospital, where Mrs. Patrica Lois Rathbun was institutionalized and forced to undergo electric shock therapy (ECT). Of course, she was heavily sedated for she would receive a series of electric shock treatments. She was entered into the institution against her will because she was a rebellious, promiscuous and pregnant. The fetus would eventually to become Mark “Marty” Rathbun. The drug and electric shock therapy she received, Rathbun got the same with full voltage. To those who knew him, they perceived was a sort of Rosemary’s baby phenomena—his psychotic and violent side. The side that he hides from those he manipulates today.

 “ECT has been used on pregnant women (and still is today). So the developing brain of the baby has 220 volts of electricity run through it. The lady mentioned was expecting when she was treated with ECT. Her child was born premature, never grew to a normal size and suffers from speech impairment even now.” –