Marty Rathbun, wizard of mirage

Marty Rathbun

Whatever you do, don’t look behind the curtain.  Ignore that man at the switches, I am the great and powerful Marty.

Have you noticed that there is a big disparity between what Marty says and what the reality is?  Have you noticed the difference between what Marty says he’s going to do and what he actually does?

Mirage: Use his legal acumen to bring victory in the Headley case.  It didn’t happen.

Mirage: Set up an alternative, “real” Church.  Sorry, not there.  Just rah-rah on the net.

Mirage: Reveal the “truth” about brutality in the Church to bring it’s leadership down.  A willing media complies, and the Church goes on, doing well. More to come in the media, but only the choir will buy it.

Mirage: Rathbun is going to cause something MAJOR to go down this summer from which the Church won’t recover.  The only thing major that he caused this summer was that he went to jail.

Mirage: He’s going to bring down the COB. Yawn.

The shabby reality:  “Please let us divert you out of the Orgs and into my pitiful shack on a canal in a remote part of Texas. My ‘independent’ friends would LOVE to have any paying PCs to deliver to. And whatever you do, don’t actually get any gain on the Bridge.

The mirage Marty’s creating is that he’s a key player in a broad and expanding “Reformation” that will someday “save Scientology.” (See HCOPL Suppressive Acts)

The reality is that Marty, is just another in a line of people who couldn’t make it on the Bridge because of his own continuing efforts to harm others, and now stands beside it trying to convince others not to move on it, and that he’s creating a different, better bridge “over here.”

But there’s really no “over here” there. Just a group of small, nattery people trying to convince themselves they’re finally causing something.

Continuing to yell, “Hey you, come down off that Bridge” is a pretty pitiful occupation, no matter the reasons you scream to people that they should:

1.  You’ll shoot your eye out, kid

2.  You’ll get dizzy and fall off

3.  It doesn’t go anywhere, there’s a troll running it

4.  They’ll beat you up

5.  They beat me up

6.  They made me produce overt products

7.  Look at all the great people who DID climb down off the Bridge

8.  They won’t let you look at all the fascinating things beside the Bridge

9.  After three decades “on” the Bridge, I’m still an alcoholic

10.  It’s OK to take drugs they absolutely “won’t harm” you

11.  Look at us, we’re “real” humans …and whatever reason du jour he can come up with and present on his site.

Maybe you should just go back to sweeping floors, Marty. At least that was an honest occupation.

It’s less money, but the MEST work will do you good.