Marty Rathbun’s black hole delivery

Marty Rathbun is trying to fill the complete void of real products coming out of the “independent” field with some poorly polished PR write-ups that he has crafted through some PTSes.

By his own admission, he doesn’t have a booming org, and is “bare-assed in the woods” on a canal in South Texas.

Even chronic, continuous natterers are taking a deep breath after a while and wondering “where are our products?” This is clearly getting to Marty, and he’s got to start making it look like all his pronouncements about the Tech have something behind them, even if they are just PR falsehoods that his minions will settle for.

Alright, so Marty Rathbun has the occasional failed Scientologist who blew just before they were to receive a sec check who now decide there’s a bunch of things wrong with the Church, blah blah blah. He can publish that and act like it’s what people are thinking. This is one of the ways that Marty the SP tries to create an ARC break generality and keep his little flock of squirrels happy.

But what about delivery?

Marty Rathbun and company all know that there is a screaming absence of those who even CLAIM they advanced up the Bridge. Where are the completions? Even the haters in their grandest delusory moments can’t help but wonder – if they did manage to bring down the Church, what would they put in it’s place?

How about Rathbun’s “standard tech.”

A quick review of just some of his products and tech:

One of his PC’s sent off to audit herself on OT VII without C/Sing, because she “didn’t need it.” She ended up leaving “Scientology” and reverting to drugs and other bizarre behavior.

Another PC who went to Marty complained that his “NOTS” procedures were squirrel. She knew better as a trained auditor herself.

Another whining “independent” was rewarded for her resignation write-up by a “declaration” of OT V by Rathbun, without any C/S, Exam, Qual, etc. and she then promptly engaged in more defiant entheta as such a well-handled “OT.”

A blown/disaffected “OT” spends a weekend with Marty, enjoys some drinks and “sessions” and declares out of one side of his mouth it was the auditing he always wanted, and out of the other side of his mouth dramatizes evil intentions toward the Church.

We know Marty Rathbun can’t get a certified meter without acting illegally or scrounging from the recently-blown. So he “audits” with meters out of cert and reportedly rock-slamming. He tries to cover it by having a known liar write up an overly-detailed effort to distract attention.

(Note: At some point Marty is likely to run out of borrowed or finagled meters and he’ll probably write a technical posting about how he was on the inside and knows that having to have a meter certified is actually an “arbitrary” and not needed for his “standard tech.” We’re waiting for that one – it ought to be hilarious. It will probably come complete with a forged “document” proving it.)

Rathbun and choir whine about how F/N’s are called, mainly because they couldn’t really get them when they were “in” the Church, due to their own missed withholds. Under Marty’s “standard tech,” F/Ns are whatever Marty says they are. This would explain how Mosey had a “floating TA” as Marty told her, with no examiner to confirm. For all Marty knows, it could have been a floating capacitor inside his corroded meter.

Magically, some of his PC’s “don’t need any more auditing” and go off and drink and take drugs now that they’re so free.

Marty’s newest bright idea: create a training academy free of all those “radical” ideas of checksheets, standard drills, What-is-a-Course requirements, trained and certified supervisors, Qual and cramming, etc.

And his really big selling point is that he threw that “old, background” idea of no-alcohol-within-24-hours-of-being-on-course right into the canal.

No wonder Rathbun creates such “stellar” auditing products.

And don’t forget, he’s the one who criticized the “blind leading the blind” as a why for poor metering.

We suggest a new motto for Marty: “The drunk leading the deluded.”