Marty Rathbun’s Criminal Mind Is Still Working Fine

Cindy Pinsonnault

Marty Rathbun is so easy to understand.  Every time he makes a critical remark (opens his mouth), just look and you will see that what he accuses others of is exactly what he himself is doing.  His little A=A=A criminal mind is so reactive that it provides a clear, unobstructed view to the core of his being – the place where a thetan should be, but where an evil purpose lives instead.

A few days ago Marty Rathbun posted an article accusing the entire Church of Scientology of having false stats because someone in CCHR asked supporters to click on a link to show their support for something.

Quite how that means that all the Church stats are false is anyone’s guess – unless of course you reduce your mental capacity into just doing A=A=A at which point it makes complete sense, and at which point you are ripe for Marty’s implants and brainwashing.

But what this latest dose of whining tell us about Marty Rathbun the Criminal Mind? Does Marty himself use a stable full of sockpuppets to raise the comments on his own blog?

Marty would have you think he would never do anything like inflate stats.  Would he?  Marty Rathbun has loads of stats.  Doesn’t he?  People who live in glass houses don’t really throw stones, do they?

Below have a look at a leaked document from Marty’s very own computer, which shows that he has his supporters post comments under multiple names to make it appear that there are more of them than there really are.  Marty has even paid people to post comments on his site – by the post.  And in fact, just today another sockpuppet revealed himself as someone who has been using 3 different ID’s on Marty’s blog.

Every time anything shows up on the internet regarding Scientology or the Church, a hardcore group of Rathbun compatriots (by that we mean diehard SPs and Scientology-haters) practically kill themselves trying to get their “friends” to jump onto the articles and make the most hateful anti-Scientology comments possible, including alarmingly altered confidential data.  And in the highest numbers they can manage to make it look like “everybody,” when in fact it’s only a small handful. You see this frenzy especially on internet “polls.”

And he accused CCHR of what?  Of doing exactly what he does.

Foot bullet, Mr Rat.  Foot bullet.

Perhaps Marty has some other stats we can see?  Well, no.  He has none.  Unless you count number of times he has thrown LRH under the bus or some other warped product.  The only stats he has are his inflated “Indies” stats (which include people from decades ago, including many he threw out if the Church) and their ‘comments.’

After making a fool of himself with that posting, Marty then posts an article accusing someone of being a turncoat and backstabber!  The most notorious backstabbing turncoat in recent history wrote a whole article accusing someone else of that very thing!  Marty could not prove the Criminal Mind case more of he tried.  That article was a classic.

In that article Marty accuses the person of handling someone else unjustly – but is Marty qualified to make such an accusation? Plus, Marty even admits that he, Marty, had originally investigated the very same person but before he was able to have a showdown with the guy, he got ordered onto something else.

What would have happened if Marty had had the “showdown?”

We all know what a showdown with Marty meant – and it always included violence and injustice.  There is a large file of affidavits testifying to that, as well as Marty’s own confessions of such made in a brief moment of honesty in his otherwise unprincipled life.

But what really got me chuckling is Marty’s post of today in which he accuses OSA of being like the Stasi because it issued a list of people who were not to be invited to special events.

To Marty this is proof that the Church is about to collapse, and is reason for, once again, throwing his arms up in horror that anyone would do such a thing.

Funny though his antics may be, I should point out that Marty does the very same thing himself.  He has written many times accusing people of being spies and enemies of his, and even attempted to train his acolytes into being able to spot spies.  Remember the hugely funny posting that we had on that subject.

Finally, and as if to prove his criminal mind is in perfect working order, Marty has also instructed that the ONLY people allowed to go to his big celebration are heavily vetted Indies who have come out and publically stated their opposition to the Church and pledged their allegiance to him, and who have been personally invited to go, and to this date he has been keeping the event location secret.

So much for Marty’s open door policy, and open welcoming arms.

If I have said it once I have said it a thousand times.  Marty is a textbook example of a Criminal Mind in action.  EVERY accusation he makes against the Church or any of its members is easily discovered to be Marty accusing others of what he himself is doing.

In case you had any concern about it all, Marty’s criminal mind is working as predictably and efficiently as ever.

Finally – I have been asked what Cindy Pinsonnault and Rosalie Hamilton look like.  These are the best images I have of these duped ladies at this time.

Rosalie Hamilton


The evidence of Marty’s stat falsifications – the list of sockpuppets as published by LT.  All the background data on this can be found in the article Marty Rathbun: Delusional or Plain Liar but below lists out the sockpuppets that were found at that time.

Mona Lisa says:

November 8, 2010 at :

I downloaded the below from yesterday afternoon. I find it interesting that when I went to read more comments on that thread this morning all the names were deleted.

LT | November 7, 2010 at 3:02 pm |

Marty is lying on both counts of hacking and forgery. Nothing was hacked or forged. Those are genuine screenshots taken from Marty’s dash board which he left logged on during the Independence Day party.

This is the text of the email that I sent to selected independents, which Marty didn’t post on his blog:

We, the independents, have been deceived. There is no large-scale independent movement as Marty has tried to sell us. It’s a scam that only Marty will benefit from. In July I attended the party and wedding at Mike Rinder’s place in Tarpon Springs. What I discovered disturbed me and I’ve grown more concerned given what has been happening since July.

Marty is running a scam by exaggerating the size of his movement. He doesn’t represent an active growing independent movement. The truth is that there are less than 50 regulars, including compulsive spammers, making the blog seem like there’s a whole Independent movement we have been part of. I know a number of them and I was pissed off to see that it was them posting under multiple identities. So what looks like two to three hundred comments for every article is really about a few folks commenting non stop to each other and to themselves. Marty even jumps in when the numbers aren’t moving to boost up the stats. This is as bad as DM’s false stats which he displays at his pompous events.I realized that what I have found may be of some potential value to the DM bots. Screw them.

After spending quite a bit of time thinking about this, I have decided to go public and show Marty’s deceit. Marty keeps talking about reforming the church. I spoke out many times about the abuses perpetrated by the church. However, I’m not going to shut up about Marty’s scam either. If Marty wants to reform the church then he has to play by the rules and stop feeding us false stats, which had been fed to all of us for a long time before we became independents. I know that both Marty and those involved in this scam will try to dismiss this problem by just saying that I’m an OSA plant. Don’t fall for that cliché. How can I possibly be a plant when Marty is the one running the scam and controlling his blog? In any event, I have proof to show that in July Marty’s blog was wide open – frankly I am not the only one who noticed it. Marty, Mosey and Mike were the only administrators. One of them screwed up by not logging off, unless one of them left it intentionally open for us to see. If you don’t believe me check this out:

Let me give you some of the names, which I have spent quite sometime digging into, involved in this scam:

Martin Padfield: GB too, Good Idea, IAS attendee, Lets Go Martin, Marty (honestly), Panther, Peter, Squatting Bill, ThatsNotMyName, Martin Padfield.

Karen De La Carriere: OntheFence, peter mallot, War & Peace, Karen #1

Boyd Hutchins: Boyd H, site down, StarsAwait, tone 41

Bryan Ubaghs: Idle Org

Carol Kramer: Carol, Casey, Elle, NCT, Navajo Code Talker

Cathy Greenbaum: Cathy, J. L. Seagull, Jane, Jane # 1

Chris Gualtari Baranay: WH, windhorse, windhorsegallery

Dean Blair: Anonym0us, Christian, Dean Blair

Doug Owen: Aeolus, lunamoth

Barbara Craig: Fancy, FancyKat, Kat

Gary Konigsberg: Freedom Figher, Joe Doakes, TheEmperorIsNaked

Heather Grace: Heather, Heather G

Jack Airey: Underground For Now, tampabayjack, Undergrown For Now

John Aaron Williams: Been There, Jimmy Rebel

Mary Jo Leavitt: Fellow VIII, Josie, LadyAwake, Mary Jo, Sparky, NoPoliticsPlease.

Niels Martens: Anonymous Always Delivers, Scientoligist, Niels Martens, Cat Daddy, Catherine Morland, Cornelius Antonius Martens

Tom Martiniano: PS, scientologystories, Virgil Samms

Tony DePhillips: Alex, AlexMetheny, D

Vanna Bonta: Bingo, HeavenKnows, Kangaroo Court, Real Mutha, V, veri, veritas, veritas.v, veritas.veri.v, VeritasV, VeriV

Mike Boland: Mike B, Wallflower

And then there are the compulsive Martydrones who post in the high hundreds and even the thousands. These are: Jim Logan, Robin Adair (RJ), Sinar Parman, Samantha Domingo (Sam), Theo Sismanides, Christie Collbran, Victoria Pandora (Victoria), Dan Koon (Joe Howard) and Steve Hall (Thoughtful).

There’s more and you’ll be hearing from me again.