Marty Rathbun’s desperation to devalue the Tech

Marty Rathbun keeps looking for ways to dilute and devalue the Tech of the Scientology religion.

Marty is such a putz that his idea of dissemination is to throw away a Scientology Handbook as trash, and when the trash collector happens to read it and express interest, Rathbun has a revelation that people can read books and apply the data.

This of course is a revelation that both Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder should have had, oh, about 30 years ago. Now they’re broadcasting this anecdote as proof that books should be put in peoples’ hands.

Deafening by it’s absence is any data or perspective about how the Church of Scientology does this and more hundreds or thousands of times a week across the world. Not just with direct outreach booksales to new public, but by way of the internet, seminars, Churches and Missions, FSMs, etc., and also by distributing The Way To Happiness, Criminon, Literacy campaigns, and other social betterment activities.

The success stories (we invite anyone with wins to post them to this blog) that come in weekly from these effective placements of the Tech into peoples’ hands are staggering in quality and volume compared to Rathbun’s trash collector.

And they are done on purpose, not by accident.

Even when Marty Rathbun tries to assume the status of cause on a positive thing, he does it by screwing up (throwing away a Scientology Handbook?)

Maybe Rathbun will put ALL of his purloined materials in the trash. That’s about his only chance at disseminating. I doubt he’s going to sell any books at an airport, for example.

Oh, he’ll go through the motions for show. But do you really think Rathbun wants others to have the benefits of Scientology Tech? I think he just wants to dramatize throwing away ALL of the Tech.

Marty Rathbun has read enough LRH to know that one of the best ways to invalidate the value of something is to give it away. Demonstrating value is one of the main purposes of giving someone an invoice, for example, even a “no-charge” invoice.

Rathbun and friends are brainstorming on ways to circumvent “restrictions” and that pesky need to actually obtain the official materials from the Church. Now they’re debating the best ways to copy materials and make them freely available on the net. But first they have to settle disagreements among themselves on which parts of KSW they agree and disagree with. Some of Marty’s squirrellettes want KSW thrown out entirely, and others want certain parts deleted. (They all seem to agree that all that “experimental” Green-on-White stuff should be discarded. “It’s not Scientology,” some say, so doesn’t need to be “kept working.”)

A few of the SPs who still hang onto their “old, background” viewpoints think that KSW should apply to whatever they do, but they are having to defend that viewpoint before the rest of Rathbun’s chorus.

Marty and his squirrel squad are telling themselves (and trying to tell others) that they want the materials “freely available” to all. Scattered to the wind is more like it.

The proof of that pudding, as they say, is the fact that many of them put forth the view that the materials should be able to be altered as people will, and that you can’t stop people from exercising whatever religion they choose.

In other words, pick and choose what parts of the Tech you like, alter some if you want to, keep it working if you feel like it, and present it as Scientology if you wish.

It’s a Squirrel Nirvana!