Marty Rathbun’s Motivation

We have pointed out many times that Marty Rathbun always accuses others of what he himself is doing.

Here is another datum for you.

“The criminal, the SP (same thing) is TRYING TO GET EVEN WITH PEOPLE.  That’s his common denominator.  He does it by covert omissions or overt violence.  It all amounts to the same thing.” – LRH 

No matter the lies Marty Rathbun tells about being a Scientologist or having respect for LRH, the fact is that Marty is as anti-Scientology and anti-LRH as they come.

Marty is motivated by revenge.  He is motivated by a desire to get even.

He recently admitted in an article, “In the event there is any remaining mystery why I chose the email address, there ought not be now.”

Most people are familiar with the datum that an SP is fighting some long gone battle:

“The technical fact is that they are quite gone and are SOLVING A PERSONAL BUT LONG GONE PROBLEM BY CONTINUOUS OVERTS.  One can actually handle them if one knows this seemingly tiny fact.  One finds, of course, the PTP, not the overts.  For one has about as much chance pulling this fellow’s overts as moving the Earth by pulling weeds.  The suppressive acts this person does are solutions to solve some long, long ago problem in which the pc is stuck.” – LRH

While this may all seem very obvious, it is very important data to know about Marty Rathbun.  It makes total sense of what he is doing and why he is doing it.

For example, that is why he pretends to be a Scientologist to some public, while at the same time joining forces with devoted SPs to appeal to another public; why he works with the media and journalists to attack LRH; why he testifies against Scientology whenever possible; why he involves his neighbors in the conflict; why he squirrels the tech . . .

In his effort to “get even” there are no rules.  Everything and everyone are resources to be used in the furthering of his purpose.  Like a rabidly psychotic cage fighter he just wants to land whatever blows he can, wherever and as often as possible in the hope that he will ‘get lucky’ with one and win and be able to say, “How does it feel?”  Marty is involved in a life and death struggle to win the battle he is engaged in – one that only he knows about and only he is immersed in.

“For here is the auditor heartbreaker, the natterer, the rumor factory, the 1.1 and the course and group wrecker…Here is the guy who plans to “squirrel” and “grab Scientology.” Here is the boy…But here is also a thetan buried in the mud.” – LRH