Marty Rathbun’s New Shock Squad

Maybe Marty should call them his “Electro-Shock squad,” because only an ECT case could be this out of it.

It has come to Rathbun’s attention that there are those who insist on making more and more real OT’s and actually expecting them to take responsibility in their areas. This is a major threat to those rats in Rathbun’s nest who will have all those OT’s to contend with as they campaign to shortcut and degrade the Tech, particularly the OT levels. And the last thing Marty and his Electro-Shock Squad wants is more OT’s being active around orgs.

Only a squirrel like Rathbun could come up with a bright idea that consists of gathering up a few out-ethics kindred souls who will creatively combine LRH tech with more “current” theories in physics, metaphysics, and novel forms of masturbation.

Rathbun thinks that creating a “tight conspiracy” of dunces, squirrels, Scn haters, and the lost-in-space few who could never keep their noses clean would make a real boffo Squirrel Squad.

Who are Marty Rathbun’s “documented sources”?

Such technical stalwarts as Geir Isene, who has found ways to shortcut the Tech (talk about a technical degrade) and solicits postcard submissions from other squirrels and Scientology degraders as to how to best go about it.

Who’s in the on-deck circle? Jeff Hawkins, the lifelong NCG who is now opposed to Scientology altogether and teaming up with long-discredited criminal “deprogrammers” and “anti-cultists”? Or his latest “2D” PTS?

So his big plan is to communicate with new OTs and show them how “caring” and “creative” he and his fellow squirrels are.

He’ll be happy to show them that they don’t need to ever again care about overts and withholds or ethics, or such “technical degrades” as examiners, C/Sing, courses and internships, or even the 24-hour alcohol rule. Other “technical degrades” such as knowing your “hat, and thus purpose in life” are not necessary with Marty’s Shock Squad on watch.

And if you have any suggestions about how to go up the OT levels without all that pesky auditing and “confidentiality” stuff, just send it on a postcard to Marty’s Shock Squad, Technical Authority Division.

Sadly, the only part of “Bolivar” Rathbun ever duplicated was “it is a frightening level of bravery to use men you know can be cruel, vicious and incompetent.”

We know his “bravery” consists of manically trying to destroy those long, lost enemies who hang around his head, but he certainly DID manage to gather and use people around him who are cruel, vicious, and particularly incompetent.

One of them at least should have had the competence to tell Marty that his latest delusions about NOT being a squirrel just can’t be believed.

No one, particularly new OT’s, believes anymore that Rathbun is not a walking technical degrade and dedicated squirrel.