Marty Rathbun’s Real Intent

It’s no secret that “Scientologist” Marty Rathbun can’t find anything good to say about Scientology.

That hasn’t stopped him from parasiting off Scientology and making a living at it. Without Scientology to leech from, Marty Rathbun would no doubt still be sweeping floors.

He has stolen the name of Scientology and tries to label his technically and morally perverse philosophy as being a practice of that philosophy.

This is akin to an arsonist calling himself a firefighter.

Rathbun takes every opportunity he can to denigrate the technology of the Church of Scientology, the integrity of real Scientologists, the good works done by the Church, the motivations of it’s leaders, and even the repute of it’s Founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

You can easily see this is common to all his actions. He will not say anything good, because his true intent is destruction, not an elevation of the practice of the Scientology Religious Philosophy as he pretends.

But those who can observe with a straightforward, honest look can see that Rathbun alters everything he views, and always for the worse.

That is the indicator of Marty Rathbun’s real intentions.

Alter-isness is the keynote of all destruction.

         And any person who has a great many overts against another person starts trying to alter-is. Get the idea? He starts to alter-is the other person. He alter-ises anything the other person is doing. You see? He alter-ises anything the other person thinks. He alter-ises any other thing the other person has as a reputation and so on. And it adds up to basically what looks like destruction. And this basically is caused or can be caused by no more than an overt. In other words, you get this silly situation where one overt breeds another overt, which breeds another overt, which breeds another overt, which brings about a bad opinion.