Marty Rathbun’s Rule: I’m Always Right!

We think we may have discovered why elements of the “indie” group are unhappy, to put it mildly, with their ersatz leader, counseling “guru” Mark “Marty” Rathbun.

Throughout the course of Rathbun’s career in Scientology, and outside of it since his removal in 2004, one thing about Marty has remained constant – he is always right. He has that type of domineering personality that looks down on others. With Rathbun, it is always his way or the highway.

An honest person can always, in moments of reflection, recognize where he has made mistakes, hurt others or failed to help those in need. Whatever the situation, things can be made right by making an amends and moving on.

This basic element of humanity somehow went missing in Rathbun. He finds it impossible to admit that he may have been wrong – about anything.

Instead, he self-righteously defends his own world view and his self-elevated place in it. Whether it’s feathering his counseling sessions of altered L. Ron Hubbard tech mixed in with Zen Buddhism under the umbrella of so-called “integration,” in Rathbun’s self-absorbed world he can do no wrong.

But, aside from this character defect (not having the clarity to see the results of one’s own actions), which sources point to as a primary reason for “indies” not quite feeling that his counseling sessions are up to snuff, what exactly is Rathbun trying to accomplish?

His efforts appear to be dispersed and, even amidst the solitude of his Bulverde, Texas compound, Rathbun seems distracted, restless and discontented.

Perhaps at the heart of this discontent is that he is attempting to do too much – with the result that nothing gets properly done.

Rathbun’s supposedly writing another book which, one would suspect, requires a lot of time and painstaking research.

Then there’s the matter of Rathbun’s blog. We’ve previously noted here that his posts have decreased in frequency but, as is the case with any site, the Internet beast does need to be fed.

Book writer, blog poster and, lest we forget, media commentator for any outlet hostile to Scientology, Rathbun appears to be a busy man. At least that may be the perception.

But as is often the case, perception becomes reality.

And this is Rathbun’s reality – master of everything (he thinks) but, really, master of nothing.

Contradicting himself, Rathbun speaks to anti-Scientology media, forwarding a false message concerning LRH while maintaining he believes in the doctrines of Scientology’s founder.

Meanwhile, his counseling – now, apparently, integrating other belief systems – is starting to drift far afield from the altered tech which is his financial mainstay, as long as he has the clients to support him.

Then there are the books.

By all appearances, Rathbun is a busy man. But, maybe he is too busy for his own good. In fact, he may be too dispersed to deliver what his dwindling client list expects from his counseling sessions.

Gurus come and gurus go. Along the way, some implode under their own weight of self-centeredness.

Marty Rathbun looks ripe for a self-implosion.