Marty Rathbun’s stats

When I did my Doubt Formula I had to look at the stats of the Independents without any bias.

Marty claims that the Ideal Orgs are empty and there’s no public, but I’ve been to some of the Ideal orgs and that’s not a true statement. The ones I have seen are like night and day from what they used to be.

Since I had to look at both sides when doing a doubt formula, I said, “OK, the Independents like to complain about the Ideal Orgs, so lets ask a question, ‘Hey Marty, what stats do your Independents have?’”

Although they CLAIM to be Scientologists, almost every Independent I can think of has become totally inactive as a Scientologist and many of them have completely soured on the subject since declaring their “independence.”

Some resolutely stick to the concept that despite abandoning the basic codes of Scientology, they are dedicated Scientologists. They TALK ABOUT how they are going to achieve LRH’s goals for Scientology outside the Church but in the final analysis they’ve got no stats and no products to show for the year they’ve been talking about it.

Ask yourself, “What’s their stats for the past year?”

“Where’s their product?”

This is an embarrassing one, “How many people have the Independents actually gotten into Scientology?”

The majority of any “delivery” I have seen by Independents (which is miniscule) has been to their disaffected ex-Sea Org buddies and maybe a public here and there that was poached from Church lines. Next to none of the people the Independents deliver to are people who they have personally gone out and gotten into Scientology.

How many books have the Independents sold?

How many auditors did the Independents make?

How many standard grade chart actions did the Independents get preclears through with a rave success story at Examiner? (They don’t have examiners.)

CONCLUSION: Marty and his Independents complain about Ideal Orgs but their own stats are down. They aren’t even a blip on the graph.

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