Marty the Messiah

In an recent article he had written, Mark Rathbun was challenged by someone who accused him of being a squirrel, partly because he did not pull withholds from his pcs. Not pulling withholds from his pcs is something that Marty had proudly claimed was one of the attractions of being audited by him.

True to form a blind Marty defender, Maurice, leaped to his defense and declared:

“George, how do you know Marty does not pull withholds? Have you spoken to any of his pcs? Handling withholds is part of standard procedure for any auditor – provided there are REAL withholds on the case, not manufactured ones.”

Then, just to make sure that everyone understood that he is in fact a squirrel, Marty himself responded to his disciple Maurice and said:

“Maurice, Interestingly, I don’t “pull” withholds. I don’t have to. People offer them to me. Marty”

Even the Rathbun disciples could not quite have that much squirreling and immediately someone posted this is response to Marty.

I know you’re responding to an attack here and might’a been pissed, but what you’re saying here doesn’t align with LRH.
I’m sure Jim can whip out the references along the lines of:

A. Why you don’t sec check or pull W/H’s off the meter
B. LRH auditing demos on W/H pulling (‘That! That!” or my favorite “come on come on come on!” when a guy was hedging on giving up the beef.)

I can’t remember that second one I’m talking about, but it’s my favorite example of sec checking with LRH because he goes from tremendous ARC to this growl “come on come on come on!” I laughed out loud when I heard that tape the first time doing the HSSC. It really gave me a model for sec checking and how you could kind of kick the pc’s ass with ARC.

Sorry to criticize publically, but I hope you accept it an post this as I get what you were saying but it’s a misrepresentation of the source materials to anyone reading this. Yeah, you have to have prescence and provide a safe space for a pc to cough stuff up, but LRH makes it pretty clear that PCs will hold onto those WH’s for dear life sometimes unless you rock and roll, and he shows how to do it without ARCxing the PC.”

Other disciples jumped in too and came up with their own angles on withhold pulling, but the bottom line is that Marty’s approach to withholds was universally agreed to be “non-LRH”.

Marty’s statement about not pulling withholds takes on a new dimension when viewed against his activities in the Church. If you read the last article I posted, you will see that Marty did some extremely heavy ethics interviews on people, demanding withholds in a way that was WAY OVER THE TOP.

My recollection of him is just that. If the slightest thing went wrong Marty would demand, in your face, “who are you working for” and this was usually followed by being ordered to a sec check and his demanding to see the results immediately after session and insisting more be found. I got executive C/Sed by him, before he had ever done any training, off my OT 3 and onto a sec check on a whim. In the post you will see that while in the Church Marty was synonymous with “heavy ethics” and “extreme sec checking”.

My point here is simply this. When he was in the Church he boasted he was “The Terminator” and he was in an extreme valence of insisting that everyone had withholds and they needed to be extracted no matter the technique. Marty operated with the view that people were fundamentally evil.

Now that he has left, he has assumed a new extreme valence. But what is it?

Early on in his blogging Marty encourages people to read one of his favorite books – The Shack by William Young. In the book God is personified into three individual people – “God the Father” being an African American woman who calls herself Papa. It is a good book, and that is why it has been a long term bestseller. But it had an undue influence on Marty, who spread its message of “unconditional love and total forgiveness” to his disciples, and who has obviously snapped terminals with “Papa”.

Marty has assumed the new extreme valence of “Papa” or “God”. Who doesn’t “pull” withholds (because he knows them all already)? Who doesn’t keep a record of withholds but simply forgives them? Who applies “unconditional love” to transgressions?

This is the province of God, but it is also the assumed beingness of Marty.

Think that is over the top?

  • Marty doesn’t pull withholds but instead people just offer them up to him. Just like God. (LRH couldn’t manage that, but then he never claimed to be God).
  • Marty says he doesn’t keep a record of any withholds he gets from a pc – he destroys them.
  • If someone does tell Marty a withhold, he uses his “God Status” to give them “Forgiveness.” “By the power invested in me, Marty, as God, I hereby forgive you your sins and transgressions.”
  • Marty applies “unconditional love” and accepts anyone to his “flock”, including anti-Scientology extremists. Doesn’t matter what you have done, as long as you accept Marty as the Messiah and believe his message and hate COB and the Church, you are “forgiven in the eyes of the Lord.”

The only problem Marty has is giving love or forgiveness to anyone still associated with the Church. They are all evil and will only enter Marty’s “Kingdom of Heaven” when they denounce COB as the Devil and “see the light”.

So back to my main point. When he was in the Church Marty was trying to be “The Terminator”. Completely terrifying, destructive with no understanding, no forgiveness, and no love. In his new incarnation he is playing at “God”. Total forgiveness and unconditional love. The valences are diametrically opposite – they could not be further apart.

This 180 shift in Rathbun is a hallmark of the man.

  • He used to defend the Church to the death. Now he wants to destroy it utterly.
  • He supported COB and was his friend and right hand man. Now he hates him and considers him his worst enemy.
  • He attacked people who were against the Church. Now he welcomes them with open arms.
  • He handled celebrities by extending them a hand that said friendship. Now he mocks and undermines those who accepted his offered help.
  • He used to be able to think clearly. Now he thinks with A=A.

How it is that someone can be flipped from good into evil, black into white, from Jekyll into Hyde?

I am sure I have read some LRH on this but can’t recall it right now. Perhaps someone can help me with the LRH references on this.