Marty the Squirrel vs. Sam the Dingo

Dingo is at Marty’s for some auditing.  We know Sam is a few marbles short and a massive Marty supporter – a dangerous mix.  However, she really should think twice about letting Marty audit her.  After her last auditing she reverted to drugs.

I have been going through the High Crimes and laying out how Marty Rathbun is guilty of them – one by one.    This is the next one, and it is very relevant:

Using Scientology (or perverted and alter-ised tech and calling it Scientology) harmfully so as to bring about disrepute to an org, group or Scientology itself.

High Crimes are suppressive acts.  They are things that SPs do.   I want to stress that in discussing them, I am not voicing opinions about Marty Rathbun – what I am giving you are facts.

It is not anyone’s opinion that Marty is an SP.  It is a fact.  A technical fact.  A fact proven by the number of Suppressive Acts he commits.

This is another one I want to tell you about, using just one incident to show how Marty squirreled the tech and thereby brought about disrepute for the Church.  Of course, this is by no means the only time Marty has done such a thing, but, to be honest, the MAGNITUDE of the squirreling involved in this incident actually shocked me.

I know he is a squirrel. I know he assaulted people mid-session; I know he violated the auditor’s code daily; I know he audited without a CS and without being trained.   But this one really shocked me.

In a vitally important legal case, a staff member, in violation of all Church Policy, did something that put the Church at a huge disadvantage, jeopardized sacred priest-penitent privileged materials, and caused serious disrepute.

No-one could understand why this very experienced, well trusted, long term staff member would do such a thing out of the blue and with no thought of coordination.  It was completely out of character.

A top executive, who is also a Class 9 auditor, was sent to investigate.

Surprise, surprise.  The errant staff member had just been “audited” by Marty, who at the time was at Flag doing his ethics interviews/ser fac handling/freeform/unCSed/case-cracking debugs on people.

Here is the squirrel bit.  The staff member was on Objectives.  In other words at the beginning of the Bridge.  What could Marty have done with the person?  A sec check?  A debug?  Word Clearing or False Data Stripping?  Something like that – right.  Maybe one of his amazing ser-fac handling ethics interviews?

No.  Having gotten his hands on the staff member, Marty ran NOTS processes on this person.   Yes, you read it right.  He ran the person on squirreled NOTS procedures to “debug” him.

Now understand.  That is not something that anyone could or would do by mistake.  It is not a simple slip up of auditing commands.  It is something that can only be intentionally done.

For example, it is as bizarre as going into the Purif Center and having a person who was in the sauna doing the Purif, pick up the cans in the sauna and then run them on an Int Rundown.   No one in their right mind would do that.  You don’t have to be trained to know that is off-the-wall.  It is not something that an auditor would do by mistake.   What Marty did is the same order of magnitude.

Marty knew what he was doing and he did it intentionally.  The staff member went into a spin, as would be expected, and then really screwed up on post in a big way – all courtesy of Marty the Squirrel’s “help.”

You think I am kidding Dingo?  Ask him about the lower Bridge people he ran NOTS on.  Ask him to explain why he did that.

And find some reason, any reason, NOT to go in session with him.  Your sanity and life depends on it.