My Friend the Service Facsimile, by Mardy Rathbun

Just so you know, and just so you can see that I’m a “regular guy” like all the rest of you, I thought I would come clean on my friend, the Service Facsimile, and let you know that even I (yes, I) have been subject to them in the past.

Technically speaking, we’ve ALL been around a long time, subject to continual bloody conflicts in which we are all constantly under attack from one quarter or another by the forces of entheta. A big part of that is being constantly made “wrong” for merely being causative when ravaging a village or destroying a poorly-populated planet, for example.

Because of this, we’ve devised defense mechanisms through evolution that help us keep our chins up so to speak, and face each new day of continual conflict, and jump once more into the fray against the forces of entheta (you got it – COB and the Church.) The technical reason behind this is that I must we must all be right at all times because this is a very pro-survival attitude, especially in the midst of a sh&tstorm of constant attacks from enemies, many of them cleverly invisible at times.

These defenses have evolved in us because of conflict, pure and simple. You have to read Hegel to understand (uberstand actually) the whole progress-through-conflict kind of thing, which is after all where LRH ripped off the term/opterm thing from anyway. GPM’s have marked the forward progress of Man and have resulted in us being where we are today, and let’s face it, if we weren’t here, we’d be somewhere else!

It’s called a SERVICE facsimile because it “serves us” in our daily struggle to be RIGHT, despite committing what others might fatuously call “overts,” but which we know are just ethical efforts to salvage things.

Get it? It’s a “Serve us” facsimile. Never let it be said that the Old Man didn’t enjoy a good pun.

And notice also that some of these facsimiles do in fact serve us ethically in our struggle against those forces of entheta. So they can be quite pro-survival. (Read my blog for daily examples.) They are not making others wrong so much as making ourselves RIGHT (Ok, except for the whole COB thing.)

The whole idea is that it is suppressive for others to make us wrong, and we must stand up against those who would do so, regardless of the ethical and technical “nuances” they deceptively try to use against us.

Nonetheless, here are some of the ones I found on myself while solo auditing in my hot tub a while back, and adeptly handled with 2WC, high ARC, and the occasional One S&D (who needs 3? I know where it’s headed anyway.)

“If I say it, it must be right.”

“If I say it loud enough, it’s REALLY right.”

“Nobody else anywhere is as good at this as I am”

“Anyone who disputes me is an a*#hole, and must be destroyed”

“If COB says it, it’s wrong”

“Scn has a lot to speak for it, but my version of it is the best.”

“I am always righter than any other life unit or life form”

“No one else understands things as well as I do”

“Others can be right as long as they do what I say and don’t question me.”

“Mike is almost never right, but don’t tell him that.” (He’s still useful to me, and easily hurt.)

“Fishing is the 4th valid form of therapy.”

“Anything that irritates me is a BIG DAMN DEAL, and is a threat to Mankind.”

(Boy, you should have seen some of the reads on these things, and I kept my leads mostly dry, too. The “worksheets” are a different matter though. Soggy city. Not to worry, I have a great idea for worksheets on an etch-a-sketch, so moisture won’t be an issue.)

Actually, some of these are not technically Ser Facs, so don’t really need to be 2WC’ed. Some are actually just “firm policies” I established to hereafter detect or prevent things like people disputing me, for example. So they’re more like postulates actually. I just threw them in so you could see what a thorough, self-effacing regular guy I am.

Don’t read too much into the one “No one else understands things as well as I do” because that wasn’t so much a Ser Fac as a Statement of Fact. I happen to be (another gift of evolution) better than others in quickly researching, studying, and uberstanding pertinent data like the Hegel thing.

(As a note for those of you who ARE moving on up a little higher, I highly recommend reading Hegel, who has some truly insightful things to say about religion and psychology – if you uberstand what I mean.)

Plus, few of you have access to the materials like I do, and even if you did, don’t yet have the uberstanding to “work” with them and fit them into the Real Super-Standard Road to OT that I’m developing. Or develop them into a “style of auditing” like mine.

You don’t have the access to the OT materials I have which have been ethically liberated and fastidiously annotated by the likes of Dan Koon, Ralph Hilton, Geir Isene, and a fishing buddy of mine named Cletus. Streamline City!

Administratively, thanks to my “missions under the radar,” I’m able to ethically access all sorts of current information and “smoking-gun” documentation of conspiracies, like OT Committee book-selling Black Ops, and secret Org “renovations” cabals.

Good Generals have all these things at their command when leading all of us against those forces of entheta who make us “wrong,” and threaten our safety.

So, it’s not just a genetic gift, but also the result of hard work, surgically applied admin tech, devilishly clever intel operations, and a dash of evolutionary intuition.

And remember, stick with me and you too, can be right!