I'm looking for nuts. Not.

Just a quickie here people on Marty’s claims that David Mayo wrote the NOTS materials.

As usual, Marty’s article is mostly dub-in, with scant regard for facts, far too much regard for rumor & hearsay, and no regard for truth.

Marty has a few purposes with his article in which he claims that Mayo transcribed the LRH taped materials regarding NOTS and compiled the NOTS issues perfectly, but did not develop or discover NOTS.

1.   By asserting that LRH discovered and documented NOTS, Marty is in some warped way trying to suggest that he acknowledges LRH as Source, and recognizes Mayo as a squirrel.   Why he would bother after all he’s done to damage LRH, and all he has done as a squirrel himself, is anyone’s guess.

It is however, the only true statement Marty makes.  LRH did discover and develop NOTS.

2.  By suggesting that Mayo faithfully transcribed the LRH taped materials, Marty is trying to suggest that the Mayo NOTS materials, stolen and buried by squirrels in the early eighties are the genuine goods.

His reason for doing this is to persuade people that he, Marty, has the correct materials and can deliver the correct product, and Marty further claims that these Mayo materials are far more on Source than anything the Church has.

The facts are that the Church has the LRH tapes, and that Marty the squirrel does not have them, nor did he ever hear them.

Another fact is that the Mayo materials are squirrel.  The NOTS materials were finally properly scrutinized and revised in 1994 using the LRH tapes to correct Mayo’s alterations and omissions.  This was just after the IRS win, and was one of the first things addressed in the campaign to make sure that Scientology was fully on-Source in the wake of that win.

Marty did not know about that – because he blew 3 days after the win and climbed into a whiskey bottle.  Why?  Because his reason for living involves being engaged in wars, and the statement “The war is over” keyed him in.  Well that is what he gives as the reason.  While it may be partially true, the fact is that he blew because of his overts and withholds.

Another fact Marty has wrong.  LRH had discovered the basics of NOTS and was working on it well before he allowed Mayo along to help him.   Mayo did audit LRH on NOTS, and did help on transcription of LRH tapes on the subject, and did help on compilation of the HCOBs.    However, because there were so few people authorized to, or of a case level to, supervise that work, he was able to enter in his squirrel alterations and interpretations.   That Mayo later showed himself to be a squirrel is not in question by anyone.

Access to the LRH tapes, by properly trained and supervised tech terminals, who exactly transcribed the tapes and who followed LRH’s instructions regarding compilation of the materials to the letter, resulted in the NOTS materials the Church has today – materials that are  delivered by very competently trained auditors who produce miraculous results for thousands of people every day of the year.

3.  A Marty article would not be a Marty article without an attempt to stick another knife in COB’s back, and this article is no exception.

Marty claims that the theft of the Mayo NOTS materials was COB’s responsibility and his personal failing in his capacity as the head of RTC.  RTC’s hat was after all to safeguard the materials.

The fact is that COB was not in RTC at that time, or in fact for some years after the theft.  He was in ASI.

Why would Marty tell such a blatant lie?  OK, silly question.

Finally, Marty has never done a NOTS course, much less an internship.

Marty “delivers NOTS” having done nothing more than read the NOTS materials some 10 years ago.   That alone is a high crime and shows an avid disregard for LRH.

Marty will not and cannot fly ruds, he C/Ses in the chair and makes up correction lists and auditing commands as he goes along, he calls F/Ns if he feels the pc should feel happy, and calls reads if he has decided that something should read.  He does not have an e-meter that works.

NOTS?  From Marty?  Don’t be NUTS.  Nuts are what squirrels feed on, and he is counting on finding a few.