Rathbun and Da Koon – Da Vinci or Da Graded?

“The whole bottom of the scale is a mockery of the top of the scale. … and we get to the bottom of the scale, we find this big mockery”. LRH 12 Jan 53 Anchor Points: Driving them in and out.

“Every so often, as you go downscale, you get a harmonic” LRH 14 Jan 53 Group and Individual Processing

Some years ago I read an article about some photos that were being displayed in an art gallery (in Canada I think), which caused considerable local uproar. Some people advocated that the photos were nothing more than pornography and did not belong in an art gallery, while others insisted that although they were pornographic they were art.

More recently I have seen and heard the same arguments about pictures and sculptures displayed in top European galleries. By way of example that most people have heard of, one ‘piece of art’ was an artist’s unmade bed, complete with used condoms and beer cans scattered about, displayed in an art gallery.

Is pornography art? After all, the Venus de Milo is a sculpture of a partial nude (we can see her breasts), and Venus de’ Medici has even more exposed. Any student of fine art will have studied nudes.

Is an unmade bed, in which the artist got herself drunk and laid, a work of art? Is a motorway crash art? How about a dirty dinner plate in a filthy sink? Does an artist have to have any skill or ability or are those irrelevant? Can chimpanzee produce art and is it in the same league as a painting by Da Vinci?

Some people obviously manage to delude themselves that pornography and unmade beds are art, and fit to be displayed alongside the work of the great painters and sculptors of the past.

I saw the ‘artist’ of the unmade bed being interviewed on TV, and the shocking thing is that she actually thought she was a great artist; real major league up-there-with-the-best kind of thing. While she was certain she was an artistic genius, one has to ask oneself, is someone who wheels a filthy, unmade bed into an art gallery really of the same order of magnitude as Michelangelo?

Obviously Tone Level is a major factor here. High Toned people do not usually have a problem differentiating between art and obscenity, between the work of Michelangelo and that of a chimpanzee. That is because people up the Tone Scale are not the affect of their banks. They do not collapse into the bank mechanism of A=A=A.

As people go down the Tone Scale their ability to differentiate diminishes as their Banks increase and their Free Theta disappears.

Down the scale things all become the same – the Venus de Milo is nude so it’s the same as any naked woman; and naked woman are sluts and deserve to be abused and talking of abuse and sex, what is wrong with buggery… And so they hang degraded pornography pictures on a wall and call it art. It is called A=A; an inability to recognize differences, similarities and identities.

“A=A=A We have a broad dissertation on this in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health as it affects insane behavior. Everything is everything else. Mr X looks at a horse, knows it’s a house, knows it’s a schoolteacher. So when he sees a horse he is respectful” LRH HCOPL 26 Apr 1970R The Anatomy of Thought

And that is how we get lower harmonics passed off as art; complete mockeries passed off as art.

I bring this up because it occurred to me while re-watching the New Year’s Event video yesterday that we have what COB is DOING to make LRH’s tech available to everyone forever, and we also have what Mark Rathbun and Da Koon are SAYING should be done.

All real Scientologists agree that LRH Tech should be pure and unadulterated LRH, and that it needs to be disseminated widely.

An incredible amount of work, spearheaded and driven by COB, has been done since 1984 to seek out the original LRH tapes, notes, dictations, films, writings and so on to ensure that everything possible is present and accounted for. In doing this numerous recordings and writings previously unknown of or thought to have been lost have been discovered. (I know about this personally as I was hands on involved in finding LRH originals – every org and every location LRH had ever been to was scoured as were many old-timer’s houses and attics. Dozens of bankers boxes of original LRH materials were discovered that I personally knew of and I only had part of the picture between 1984 and 1988).

Following the roundup of LRH originals, an even greater effort has been made to restore them, verify their dates and check them against the already published versions. This threw up a huge number of anomalies and errors, each of which was tracked down until the underlying confusion was found and resolved.

Once verified to be correct and complete, the materials – tapes, books, issues, and films – have been indexed and cross indexed, and supported with massive glossaries containing the correct definitions from the time period. Every chart, drawing, or issue that accompanied the original has been found and appended. Every distraction in the LRH recordings has been removed, and the sound quality made superb. The same has been done with the films, and I assume everyone has seen and heard the ‘before and afters’ of this.

Finally the materials are then immaculately produced and aesthetically packaged. For the first time ever we know the exact sequence of LRH’s tech research and can join him in his discoveries and breakthroughs. The tapes are crystal clear; the incredible glossaries and easy-to-read transcripts and books make it distraction and hassle free. It has never been easier to study LRH. It has never been possible before to do it so completely.

The only way to describe the entire materials release is that it has been envisioned and conducted as an Exchange Condition 4 (Exchange in Abundance) from the very start. It is the definition of a Product.

Watching the event I realized that LRH’s tech is finally safe. In other words, for the first time ever I felt confident that no matter what suppression there may ever be on earth, these materials will always exist somewhere and will never be lost. They have all been translated into numerous languages and over the next few years will work their way into every corner and every culture on earth.

So there we have the COB solution for ensuring we have the LRH Tech. It is Theta and it is beautiful. It was done at 20 on the Tone Scale; a tone level of Action. It is fete accompli; done and dusted.

What is the Mark Rathbun and Da Koon’s handling for the Tech? First of all they attack COB for collecting up and verifying all the Tech. They think it was all just fine as it was – missing and unavailable issues and altered tech included. As far as they are concerned it was all OK and nothing needed to be done at all. There is not a single word of acknowledgment that something good was done – not a word.

Instead, their handling for ensuring Scientology lasts and expands into the future is to steal the tech and post it on the Internet to be downloaded at low cost to everyone (with them receiving the benefit of any sales). The millions of man hours expended on this evolution are obviously worthless to these people. Ownership and exchange are outside of their myopic vision of life.

Hand in hand with their theft of the tech, they want the orgs disbanded so there is no proper delivery capacity. Added to that they want the training line up quickied. They want to do away with the 2 hour confront on TRs; they want patty cake eMeter drills with no requirement to do the harder dating drills; they want FNs redefined so that any semi smooth needle movement in any direction for any duration can be called an FN. To get certified as an auditor you just have to email a video taken with your cell phone while doing drills in Starbucks to Da Koon and there you go. Whee!! Read the Koon’s Age of Tech article for a more in depth understanding of their proposals.

I know I have stated time and again that these guys are squirrels and SPs, and as I don’t want to repeat myself too often, I thought it might be a good idea to look at them in another way.

Which brings me back to where I started.

The Golden Age of Knowledge is a masterpiece. It is a massive work of art.

The Mark Rathbun and Da Koon sideshow is pornographic by comparison. To say it is a low toned harmonic, a complete mockery, of what has been accomplished is to overstate matters, but is the very best that could be said of it.