Rathbun: Obstruction Of The Lens

At my age one really doesn’t want to be laughing so hard!!   Up to now I thought, “I peed myself” was just an expression, but honest to God, I nearly experienced it.

Yesterday Marty posted an article about love and how all the SPs and squirrels are “friends to the end.” You could practically hear Kumbaya playing in the background while reading it.

This love and friendship theme is something that regularly oozes through Marty’s postings on his blog, alternating with postings about spies and enemies.

It’s almost like he shifts from one extreme personality to the opposite one. From “love” to “hate,” or from “help” to “destroy.” Sound familiar?

In the early days, if you will remember, Marty was all into The Shack by William Young, and its messages of unconditional love and total forgiveness.    He quoted Martin Luther King and Ghandi and generally made out that he, Marty, was not just a similarly noble figure, but a messiah.    Marty was so godlike that he never even asked his pc’s for their withholds – he knew them all already and had already forgiven them. Or, he could wave his magic “safe space” wand, and his pc’s would just happily reveal them to him. (But then, having personally committed virtually every one that anyone could possibly raise, he probably thought he knew them all anyway.)

Of course, this offer of unconditional love and absolute forgiveness was extended to everyone who joined the Marty Party and attacked COB, the Church and LRH, but was denied anyone who failed to do any of those things.  The unconditional love was in fact highly conditional (and quite un-Godlike, as God says, “Love thine enemy.”) It was, and remains, a one-way street. “Don’t counter Marty in any way, and you will be loved.”

The problem with A=A=A solutions is that they aren’t really very well thought through by definition, as Marty discovered. And Marty’s inability to differentiate is legend by now, at least in my neck of the woods.

If entrance to the Rat’s nest was assured for everyone saying something nasty and negative about COB, then the door really was wide open.  Enticingly so if those entering using that technique were sure to receive absolute forgiveness and Kumbaya.

And so it came to pass (as they say in the Bible) that the soldiers of the Lord (Black Ops types) entered into the house of the Devil (the Rat) and did feast at his table and gaze upon his wife.

Although they all knew Marty, none of them knew Mosey (in the Biblical sense, that is– as in Genesis: And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.)

To the best of my knowledge Mosey is still unknown to the Lord’s soldiers, or even the Rat’s, whereas the same cannot be said for Mareka who is very well known indeed.

All this knowing inside the Rat’s nest caused a problem for Marty, who eventually began to realize that he had been overrun by the soldiers of the Lord (OSA? COB? Evil smurfs?), and that they knew too much.

And so he began to see spies everywhere and to bat away people who were trying to help him.   Being an SP really didn’t help, as he would select the wrong targets in typical SP fashion.

And that is why you have the current situation where one week he will post a useless checklist telling people how to spot spies and expose the enemy, and the next say that they are all friends and all is forgiven.

Only Rathbun would harangue a 1.1 audience into spotting other 1.1’s as the enemy. In yet another sterling example of “how not to get an actual product,” Marty’s genius handling is to cause a keystone cops-like confusion among those who didn’t know there was a problem in the first place.  It was like telling a pool of piranhas not to trust anyone with sharp teeth.

The truth is Marty is paranoid and psychotic.  He long ago ditched any attempt at pretending he was God (being thrown in jail, and repeatedly bungling other SP’s legal actions kind of damaged that image) and now knows that he doesn’t know and so has to take advice from his friends.

But which friends?  You’ll have noticed that he thinks that the people who were friends in the beginning are the ones he can trust.  Good thinking, Marty.  Hold that thought.  Early friends are OK, later friends are suspect.  Keep focused Marty.  Keep focused.

Oh, by the way Marty, that whole dildo thing is a red herring, unless you were punked by your fans at Anon.  I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Unlike you, they have been known to show some sense of humor.

Leave it to humorless Marty to read someone’s casual joke comment and turn it into a “Black Op”  – and invent a dildo incident to “prove” it to his titillated choir.

Heads up, Marty. Every postman is a potential operative, every lineman a wire tapper reporting to your nemesis, every airline employee a bloodhound tracking your every move, and any “indy” at your picnic a potential agent.

While we thank you for keeping close tabs on all our postings here, I will say I don’t like you accusing us of things we did not do, just to claim a new motivator. Keep it up, and I will post the photo of a REAL dildo incident– sent in by an early friend – right here on this blog.

You are surrounded, you animal.  And no amount of ducking and diving, scurrying and squeaking will ever get you out from under the scope.    You don’t even know what scope you are under, or what slide you are on.  In fact you are in a cage in a lab and are constantly monitored.


You are just a paranoid psycho.


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