Reformation of the Alteration

Someone challenged his last article on the Reformation wherein Marty claimed that what he is doing with Scientology parallels what Martin Luther did to the Catholic Church. (If you read this ‘George’ please contact me).

That challenge was what prompted him to deliver his immortal, God-like declaration, “I don’t “pull” withholds. I don’t have to. People offer them to me.”

Marty gave several falsehoods as the basis for drawing his parallel with Martin Luther, and was eloquently called on them. He had likened the selling of Indulgences to donations for Ideal Orgs, and the Catholic penchant of interpreting the Bible to its followers rather than having them read the Source materials themselves as being “in-Tech”.

Having had his ass soundly kicked on the subject he has come back again with a new attempt to draw parallels between the Catholic Church and the Reformation. This time he is claiming that the Reformation reformed the subject of Christianity, not just the Catholic Church.

Marty claims to be well versed in history. He should read up on Christianity in that case. I do not want to get drawn into a religious debate, nor offend any Christian, Catholic or Protestant, but here are some points that Marty should consider when drawing his comparison between Christianity and Scientology.

Jesus is widely considered to the Source of Christianity.

After Jesus died his disciples, for the most part, tried to continue preaching his message. A man, antipathetic to them, called Saul of Damascus, headed out to stop them (his stated intention was to arrest them and destroy their religion). On the way to do so he had a blinding cognition that the best way forward was that he, Saul, should take over the subject of Christianity. (The way Saul puts it he saw the light and went blind, and then God restored his sight and told him he was the chosen one; the blind man could see). Interestingly, Saul had never met Jesus in the flesh.

He changed his name from Saul to Paul, and became the founding father of the Christian sect that went on to become the Roman Catholic Church. He started the whole trend of discussions, interpretations and expansions of the teachings of Jesus in his ‘letters’.

Bottom line is that Christianity was being practiced by the Disciples. These were the people that had been with Jesus all along and who knew him, and what he stood for, first hand. They were lead by James, the Brother of Jesus, and the person to whom Jesus had passed his hat. They practiced Christianity just the way Jesus had taught them.

Along comes an evil man to subjugate them. Before he gets to do that he “sees the light”, and instead of wiping the subject out, he takes it over. He then interprets and explains what Jesus really meant, and so alters the religion forever.

If there are any parallels with Christianity, then look at Marty, what he has done and what he is trying to do. He is openly trying to destroy the Church that LRH created and replace it with his own ideas of what should be done and how scripture should interpreted. Interestingly, Marty never met LRH.

Marty turned his back on Scientology and, contrary to all Policy, and without having even tried to contact the Church to voice his concerns or request a Comm Ev or anything of the sort, started attacking the subject of Scientology. Yes the subject. Look at his interview with Martin Bashir on CNN.

Soon after that he “saw the light” and realized that attacking the subject was a big mistake, and realized it would be much better to exclusively attack its leadership and pretend to support the subject as that way he could set himself up as the new leader, take over the subject and also interpret LRH.

To hide the fact that he is “doing a Saul”, which is not something we in Scientology would stand for, Marty is misdirecting people’s attention and claiming to be “doing a Martin Luther.”

Here is the next joker.

Roman Catholicism is what is known as Pauline Christianity. That is because it is Christianity according to Paul (Saul). Google it if you want to know more.

Lutheranism, Protestantism, Presbyterianism and all the off-shoots of the Reformation, are all Pauline Christianity. In other words, when Luther tried to get Christianity back to Source, he was working to get it back to Paul as Source. Some would say that Paul never was Source in the first place.

The original Christians, those lead by Jesus’s brother James, and the man to whom he gave the hat, are known as Gnostic Christians.

Gnostic means “Knowledge” or “To know”.

So that is why it is really dumb of Marty to try draw parallels with Christianity.

There are dozens of translations of the Bible with significant differences, and there are huge debates surrounding Christianity. Some think that Christianity begins and ends with the King James Bible, while others disagree. While it is a well accepted fact that Christianity absorbed much influence and culture from the Pagans, many scholars further trace its roots back to the Ancient Egyptian Religions of Isis and Atenism. Its gospels were written 70 – 100 years after Jesus died. The discovery of the Gospel of Thomas (one of the Gnostic Gospels) in Nag Hammadi in 1945, and the thousands of Dead Sea Scrolls found in Qumran have added all sorts of new dimensions to the understanding of Christianity. Personally I have no idea what is right or wrong in these debates, and I am simply observing that they exist.

LRH was well aware of these ‘problems’ and that is why he went to the lengths he did to ensure that Scientology did not have similar.

  • He recorded all of his teachings on audio tape, or by writing them down. There is a huge record of his research, thousands of lectures and millions of words. Anyone can consult him. Thus in Scientology Source can be consulted. Not having tape machines, printing presses or even an abundant supply of paper, Jesus did not have this luxury and all of his teachings are in the second, third or more person. It is an unfortunate historical fact that one cannot find out first hand what Jesus actually said, although that said, many people believe that the Bible is the absolute Word of God.
  • LRH insisted that the Source materials be made available to everyone. It has never been cheaper or easier to own the entire library of LRH materials. They have never been easier to study. There has never been a greater push for everyone to study them. This is a massive safeguard against perversion of the materials.
  • LRH evolved both the First Dynamic Tech (how to achieve spiritual freedom for an individual) and Third Dynamic Tech (how to manage groups, and how to create and operate orgs to deliver his tech). Both of these technologies are easily available. He stated exactly how he wanted orgs formed, what their org boards should be, and how they should be operated in every department. His Admin Scale, from Goals through to VFPs and Stats, is clearly laid out.
  • He evolved Ethics Technology and Justice Technologies that can be used by anyone. These are easily learned and applied and can be used to correct any problem.
  • LRH also laid out exactly how he wanted the management structure for the Churches to be org boarded and to operate. He equipped each with Goals and Purposes and Policy as needed.

In short, LRH ensured that Scientology has technology that is clearly presented and broadly available and by which any and every First, Second or Third Dynamic issue can be understood and resolved. This establishes massive agreement and Reality between all Scientologists, and therefore Affinity and Communication.

Marty has never sought the remedies as laid out by LRH. He blew from the Church 3 times. Finally he decided he had been hard done by and started to attack the Church. Not once did he seek any of the on-Policy remedies available to him to rectify any of the abuses or out-points he claims.

Marty IS trying to destroy the Church. He IS trying to dramatically change its structure from the one LRH wanted to one he thinks is better, from the orgs right through to top management. He IS squirreling. He IS violating Policy, and not just a couple of the points on the High Crimes PL.

While trying the hide the fact that he is “doing a Saul” Marty is also drawing parallels with other historical figures – Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Gandhi, Thomas Paine. Just as the Martin Luther Reformation parallel is false, so too are these.

I will dissect them for you and show the falsities in them another day. Meantime, recognize Marty for what he actually is. A squirrel.

– Minerva

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