Reformed Independents Reveal Mark Rathbun Creates Havoc With The Tech

One of the first targets of nearly every squirrel group is an attack upon the application of Ethics. Once Ethics is knocked out, there is no longer a means to prevent anyone with the intention to create havoc with standard tech to come along and start introducing non-standard, off-beat and downright bizarre squirrel practices.  That’s the real reason there’s been so much fixation on the subject of “disconnection” by the squirrels.  I’ve even seen one squirrel (Martin Padfield) trying to prove that someone else wrote the most recent HCOB that explains “disconnection”.  (More on this in another posting.)

Having executed various propaganda campaigns to destroy the use of the Ethics and Justice Codes in his squirrel group, Mark Rathbun thinks he no longer has to worry about someone in his circle writing him up for out-tech or issuing a cramming order on him, much less getting him sent to Ethics for his blatant tech alterations.  However that doesn’t stop us ( from exposing what is really going on behind closed doors down in Ingleside.

In fact, several Reformed Independents have sent information to this blog reporting on the out-tech that is being perpetrated by Mark Rathbun and it is not pretty. From the reports it is clear that collective thought agreement has taken hold within the ranks of the Rathbunites (the hapless dupes who got suckered into abandoning LRH’s Church). Whole segments of LRH’s tech has been thrown in the garbage can by Rathbun, with none of his followers so much as batting an eye in protest!

Rathbun is being very careful not to publicly announce what he is really doing for fear of the PR repercussions.  A small minority of Mark Rathbun’s acolytes are still under the delusion that they can receive standard tech outside the Church. This is an old old line that has been thoroughly disproved by the reports from the Reformed Independents (people who have been to the dark side and returned to LRH’s Church).

Mark Rathbun has been coming up with all manner of off-beat shit (I can’t really call it auditing).  And it is getting worse on a daily basis.  Just in the last few days we have received information on the following:

  • Rathbun no longer subscribes to the concept of standard tech and is now into an improvisational style of auditing where anything goes. You just make it up as you go with no Progress or Advance Program after a thorough Folder Error Summary to find the errors.
  • People in Rathbun’s squirrel group are being told by Rathbun that they can “solo” without having a C/S!
  • Rathbun is perpetrating the practice that “solo auditors” do not keep worksheets in a PC folder with session admin.  [Since Rathbun is not trained to C/S the sessions and “you don’t need a C/S anyway” then why would you need worksheets?]
  • We have received reliable information that Rathbun does not keep standard session admin on the people that he is “auditing”.
  • More than one person in Rathbun’s squirrel group were told by Rathbun that they are “Clear” – with no CCRD, no review of the person’s folders [Rathbun doesn’t use PC folders] and no trained C/S review of anything. These Clear attestations are done on the basis of, “… Uh … Yep, you’re Clear. Next.”
  • Persons are being put on Rundowns with no C/S and no set-ups and while in the middle of other actions.
  • At least one guy who was “audited” by Mark Rathbun would be classified as psychotic by any definition and as an illegal PC (according to LRH Policy), due to having been on psych drugs and other “treatment”.  Rathbun had no problem taking this man’s  money however.
  • One of Mark Rathbun’s PC’s split up with her long term 2D after getting her “2D auditing”  from Rathbun.  God only knows what was on that PC “program” (which didn’t exist).  Even before getting divorced, the woman ran off and started shagging one of Rathbun’s best friends (who is about twice as old as she is).
  • Another Reformed Independent told us about another Rathbun PC who at the same time the PC was seeing Rathbun, had his long term 2D run off and hop in the sack with another of Rathbun’s buddies. will publish information from Reformed Independents about their experiences with the squirrels. Send us your stories.