“Probably the worst squirrel operation in the world ever happened in Scientology— down in Los Angeles.  And the fellow down there—onetime writer, oddly enough had been an enemy of mine for years.  And publicly a friend, but privately one of the worst enemies.  Editors used to show me occasional letters you know and say, “What’s this guy got against you?”  See, you know he’d write in and comment to editors on my stories and all sorts of things like this, you know.  Of course, when he came into Dianetics and Scientology, he had too many overts.  He was just riding on top of these overts.  And he’d like to be inside but he’s got to be outside because there’s just too many overts, you know.

“It doesn’t matter what you try to do with this fellow, he’s still got overts, overts, overts.  Got the idea?  So therefore, he has to dream up motivators to explain his overts….”

“But Alter-isness — Alter-isness is the keynote of all destruction.

“And any person who has a great many overts against another person starts trying to alter-is. Get the idea? He starts to alter-is the other person. He alter-ises anything the other person is doing. You see? He alter-ises anything the other person thinks. He alter-ises any other thing the other person has as a reputation and so on. And it adds up to basically what looks like destruction. And this basically is caused or can be caused by no more than an overt. In other words, you get this silly situation where one overt breeds another overt, which breeds another overt, which breeds another overt, which brings about a bad opinion.

“Actually, you shouldn’t let people commit overts against you because they’ll kill themselves. Got the idea? Just as a humanitarian gesture. Now, very often we’re very slack about that. For instance, I particularly care nothing about overts by somebody or other. If I did, we wouldn’t be here.”—LRH, Lecture 18 Nov 1959, Alter-Isness—Keynote Of All Destruction


“It started with me blowing the Sea Org on November, 1993. i took advantage of a number of false reports I had put in place over years giving a false picture as to his role in handling external attacks and the IRS in particular. … The web of lies…is so complex it would take pages to recount. Suffice it to say refer to a passage from Science of Survival:

“At 1.1 truth receives her severest drubbing; for here truth is confused, upset, used and twisted, hidden for fear somebody may make retaliation, until one understands that data from his level of the Tone Scale has only two purposes: to wreak the most harm upon others and secure the greatest safety for self. Here we have lies used to hide lies amid the most frantic protestations of honesty and noisy advertising campaign about the ethics of the speaker. Beneath the façade of honor, honesty, ethics and ‘one’s sacred word.’ One is apt to find a writhing cesspool of vicious and malicious lies calculated to do the greatest possible harm.”

“I then engaged in a campaign to covertly and systematically take out and undermine any executive or staff who might expose him. I did this through abusing my privilege to act as a security checker in a trainee capacity under RTC. He began the out-tech practice of sec checking people with no formal session set up, and brow beating hair-raising confessions out of them. This resulted in the undermine of…executives.  [He even did this with public.]—Marty Rathbun

And he did it behind COB RTC’s back.

“By perpetuating these operations internally and externally, the worst suppression has been visited upon COB RTC. It is the worst suppression because COB RTC is the person who has single-handedly salvaged Scientology from potential external ruin, and single-handedly salvaged Scientology itself by holding the line technically, administratively, and on dissemination. Had he not been here and done what he has, Scientology would have been lost.  There is no slightest doubt about that. The cumulative amount of COB’s time I have cost in terms of dropping balls, creating situations internally and externally, is on the order of eight years. If that time were recouped, there is no doubt we would have at least double to triple the amount of orgs, we’d have thousands of missions and we would be very well on the way to a clear planet.

“The motivations for these acts are a psychotic computation for self-preservation: keep enough chaos and threat stirred up in the environment, make myself appear to be a solution to it instead of the instigator of it, and lots of people go down and remain in turmoil while I go unrecognized as the source of it and survive.”—Marty Rathbun


“It doesn’t matter what you try to do with this fellow, he’s still got overts, overts, overts.  Got the idea?  So therefore, he has to dream up motivators to explain his overts.”