Applying “Black” Data Series

This is a true story – a short excerpt of one year in a long SO career – my story

In the early 80’s I was assigned to the RPF in CW. I had two young kids at the time and they moved with me into RPF berthing. There was a mum’s dorm in which we all stayed with our kids. It was packed, but all we did there was sleep. The schedule was really tough as the Ballroom and FH roof were being renovated at the time. This meant that we often had to work late hours and, a few times through the night. It also meant that our study time was severely interrupted or non existent. After the opening of the ballroom we got extra study time and caught up on our programs. I enjoyed my RPF experience at the time. Sure there were bits I didn’t like, but the teamwork, MEST work, co-auditing were all great, and as I look back on it I realize that it did me 10 times more good than any temporary hardship I experienced.

The same story as it would be re-told by Marty

“Minerva was confronted in her work space by a thunder-faced, screaming, exec who dressed her down and ordered to the RPF immediately. Two security staff frog marched her off, watched by the stunned, stupefied and terrified staff who had just witnessed the intentional humiliation of their opinion leader and friend.

Children, which the top SO execs have always hated, had to go with their parents in this scenario and so were also subjected to the depravity of having to live in a cockroach infested dorm, along with several other mothers and their kids; 30 people in a 10 x 10 room giving each person only 3 square inches of floor space, less than required by law for a battery chicken.

Only allowed 15 minutes for each meal, and mustered standing stiffly to attention in the sweltering Florida heat, while being berated for not making targets by a psychotic MAA who makes Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in “Full Metal Jacket” look and sound like a virgin Nun at Choir practice, she was forced to work on the ballroom for several weeks, often right through the night. Any mistake made, any target not met was dealt with by the inhumane punishment of making her do “a lap” (run once around the room), which, because it was a building site was a dangerous obstacle course in which one wrong step could have resulted in falling onto nails protruding from upended floor boards, impaling oneself on loosely stacked track and studs, or simply falling to one’s death. These life threatening punishments, from which there was no recourse, were visited upon her and her fellow RPFers by an I/C whose visage and demeanor were that of the ‘angel of death’.

The Human Rights abuses continued for …” (OK, this is weak. He would make it seem much worse).

Marty’s squirrels in response to his ‘story’.

“Horrific!! This is inhuman! Call the police and let’s start a campaign “Free Minerva”. These tails of woe should be sent to all the media …”

“I am stunned. This is unbelievable. We need to destroy the Church. Anything that could be so mean to anyone for any reason must be dismantled.”

“Let’s all just violate all policy we know of. This is so bad that it allows us to do anything we like to destroy the evil. I say we break in and free the RPF at gun point!”

Data Series Out Points

Omitted from any of the squirrels in their howls of protest is any question about why the RPF assignment, did I agree with it? If not did I query it or why not? Did I consider my rights to have been violated? Did I have the option of refusing to go to the RPF if I didn’t want to do it? What do my kids say about and how did they turn out? (They by the way had no problem adapting to their sleeping arrangements, and were for the rest of the time busy playing in the nursery as usual. They are both trained auditors now, and one is an SO exec).

In addition to the omitted data, there are also:-


altered importances,

contrary facts,

added inapplicable data,

wrong target,

wrong source,

incorrectly included data,

assumed “similarities” that are not similar,

assumed “identities” that are not identical,

assumed “differences” that are not different.

These are all detailed, with pictures showing each one, in the $5 Investigations Booklet from the Scientology Handbook. In fact, it can found online on the Scientology site.

As LRH says in the Data Series:-

There are hundreds of ways these mishandlings of data can then give one a completely false picture.”

… “If any body of data is given the above tests, it is often exposed as an invitation to acting illogically.”

Mark Rathbun the Squirrel is a master at using the outpoints to confuse his enemy. The Data Series is supposed to be used to find Right Whys, but Marty uses it for false purposes – Black or Reverse Data Series.

I have in several posts illustrated his inability to evaluate and use the Data Series properly. One of his biggest misdirectors is his use of “the multiple viewpoint system”.

In Marty’s universe, when lots of people say the same thing, then it is true. That alone shows that he has no understanding of evaluation of Data. History is littered with examples of lots of people saying and believing one thing, when it is later found to be completely false. Lots of people claimed that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction before the war, now known to have been a lie.

Mark Rathbun the Squirrel encourages a mob mentality by this Reverse Data Series.

It helps that his audience operate on A=A=A think and simply swallow what he says and react to it.

– Minerva