Service Facsimilies, Out Lists or Rational Behavior – Why did Jason Beghe Batter the Process Server?

Hernandez sues Jason Beghe

A reader has sent me a copy of a suit that was filed against Jason Beghe by the process servers he attacked last year.

For those who don’t know, Beghe snapped into a psychotic rage and attacked a process server last year, repeatedly hitting him from behind as he attempted to return to his vehicle.   The guy had never heard of Beghe before, and was simply doing his job.

Jason Beghe was convicted of battery, fined, made to pay some restitution and put on probation.

Beghe is a “product” of Marty’s and one that Marty is deeply proud of.  Marty was Beghe’s auditor, and if he had deliberately set out to mess him up he could not have done a better job of it, making sure, as he did, that Beghe would blow after the auditing and refuse to return under any circumstances.

If you want to check it out for yourself, use the link at the end.

The out-tech Marty employed is mind-boggling.  These are not esoteric Gross Auditing Errors.  These are things like not using a standard prepared correction lists, but making up “correction lists” on the fly.  Not just once or twice but repeatedly. These are things like miscalling reads, miscalling F/Ns  and C/Sing in the chair.

Perhaps you thought that recent article Marty wrote about F/Ns was a joke?  Follow the link, and then read the article again, and you will see that Marty was dead serious when he wrote the Demystifying F/Ns article.

People do not usually fly into uncontrollable fits of rage against a wrong target, and if they do, there is a reason for the misjudgment and insanity that can be found and corrected.

Extreme upsets and violent rage are usually associated with out-lists – a distinct possibility with Jason but, alas, something that cannot ever be handle with him now because his only option is to go and seek relief from the person that misapplied the tech in the first place.

Jason is screwed many ways.  1)  Marty is his auditor and thinks that Jason beating up a process server is a good thing and there is no cause for concern and  2)  Marty can’t correct lists and 3) Marty doesn’t use the e-meter to find the correct charge on a case, but uses his evaluation of the case to determine what it needs,  and 4) Marty does not possess an operational e-meter even if he could use one and 5) Marty would only accept that, if anything, it was Service Facs.

Welcome to the wonderful world of being a squirrel.  Welcome to the world where you have no option but to chase your tail.

At this time I do not know if Beghe has been served with the suit.  I very much doubt he has been as my emergency frequency scanner has not picked up any 911 calls to recover dead or damaged process servers in the last few days.

While Beghe is going to have to practice suppressing and restraining his service facs and ev-purps, Marty is going to be trying to wind him up and make him do something completely outrageous – something that Marty can twist into a perceived advantage.  Bummer being a pawn when you can’t think straight.

Good luck Beghe.  You are going to need it to survive Marty’s help.


The new suit can be accessed here.

Hernandez vs Jason Beghe Complaint

The out-tech of Marty Rathbun’s is covered here.