Shame, Blame & Marty Rathbun

Marty Rathbun insists on making the Church more powerful. He didn’t set out to do that, and his every waking hour seems dedicated to the opposite, but he keeps making the Church and Church terminals much more powerful than himself.

It’s Marty’s blame game.

LRH puts it clearly:

The subject of blame and regret is an interesting one. Blame of self and blame of others produce interesting results in recalls. Facsimiles can become clouded with blame and regret.

This is the subject of CAUSE and EFFECT.

An individual natively desires to be CAUSE.

He tries not to become a bad EFFECT.

You try to help people and people try to help you, because you and they want to be cause. When something bad happens, neither one wishes to be cause.

You want to be an effect. Then you find the effect bad. You try not to be an effect. And then you blame something or somebody.

Blaming yourself or others for being a cause is to deny yourself
full control of your facsimiles. You say somebody caused something.

You make them RESPONSIBLE. They are then CAUSE.

This is a powerful position. It ends up with your having given them control over a facsimile or many facsimiles. If you blame somebody hard enough and long enough, you have kept on electing them as cause until they are much more powerful than yourself.

If you blame your mother, for instance, you make your mother cause and must then obey her. And your facsimiles relating to her, or to your whole life, are out of your control.

If you blame yourself, this is an admitted failure and again you
have facsimiles out of control.

You blame somebody, you elect them as cause. This makes you an effect of their cause. As an effect, you are thus placed well down the Tone Scale.” – L. Ron Hubbard, Handbook for Preclears

Marty has raised BLAME to new levels. He’s blamed the Church for everything that ails him and all the difficulty he’s had in life, COB for spotting him as the faithless crumb he is, his juniors for his own overt products, his PCs for not giving up their withholds, tech seniors for insisting on something resembling Standard Tech, various celebrities for not withdrawing allegiance once granted, Rinder (where do we start?) the “independents” in the field as a group and as individuals, little green private investigators crawling around his shack, bartenders for slipping him drinks more potent than he thought, “pressure” for his need to “blow off steam,” little kids on the street for complaining that he “took their ball away,” lawyers for keeping an eye on his smarmy criminal ass, judges for not recognizing his “legal genius,” the BBC and Sweeney for being the duplicitous vultures they are (surprise!), and on and on and on.

But mostly, and most broadly, he blames the Church and those in it who work to ensure it survives well. And he’s blamed them long and hard.

He makes the Church and all of us all more powerful than he is, and he’s too far downscale to see how he’s dug his own miserable personal hole of effect, and continues to do so on a daily basis.

He’s so very deep in it now that he can’t even see the other end of the scale – responsibility.

Thanks for continuing to make yourself effect, Marty. Glad to have you there.