Some Facts About Marty Rathbun

I have reported over the past few days about Mark “Marty” Rathbun having received electroshocks during his mother’s gestation period. Patricia Lois Rathbun was institutionalized and received numerous electric shock treatments (ECT).  According to police records Slade Rathbun told the police that his wife was a very disturbed person.

It makes one wonder, since Marty is a disturbed person, if his mother condition combined with the ECTs is the reason Marty is mentally unstable?

Marin County Coroner’s Autopsy Pathology Report: Patricia Lois Rathbun was thirty-five years old mother of three who had been hospitalized for psychiatric disorder several times.

Office of the Sheriff, Marin County, San Rafael, California, Crime Report: “The husband states that his wife had been released from the Ross Hospital 2 or 3 weeks ago and has had a series of nervous breakdowns that last six years. The husband stated she had been a very disturbed person.”