Squirrel Rathbun Selects the Wrong Target Once Again

The squirrel Mark Rathbun has gotten so desperate for grist to add to his mill that he is attacking a recruitment promo piece put out by LV Org, featuring a pretty young girl with a big grin, with the heading INSOUCIANCE.

Obviously something put out by the org, Mark Rathbun yet assigns its creation to COB, and tries to win some cheap points by finding fault with it. He can’t stand that fact that she is wearing black, because that causes him an A=A with COB who also sometimes wears black. He doesn’t like the look of her. Her doesn’t like the fact that an Ideal Org is opening there this weekend. But most of all he objects to the heading of insouciance, claiming that as an attribute only a squirrel can have.

Seems the squirrels do not know the difference between insouciance and out-ethics.


Noun. Casual lack of concern; indifference: The cheerful feeling you have when nothing is troubling you.

Late 18th cent: French, from insouciant, from in– ‘not’ + souciant ‘worrying’.


an action or situation in which an individual is involved, or something the individual does, which is contrary to the ideals, best interests and survival of his dynamics.

We have run into this problem of harmonics before with the squirrels, and their inability to differentiate between a high toned activity and its low scale harmonic. And here we have proof again.

Just to be clear. Insouciance is an uptone indifference. It involves cheerfulness which is at 3.5 on the Tone Scale.

Out- Ethics in the form of committing Suppressive Acts while exhibiting the Glee of Insanity is a low scale mockery of it and is NOT the same thing. It is not an uptone indifference, it is a low toned “don’t give a shit”. It is around 1.0 on the Tone Scale at its highest, and with most of the squirrels its at apathy or in the minus regions of the Tone Scale.

“The whole bottom of the scale is a mockery of the top of the scale. … and we get to the bottom of the scale, we find this big mockery”.

LRH 12 Jan 53 Anchor Points: Driving them in and out.
“… There’s always something below 2.0 on the Tone Scale which is a mockery and mimicry and a pretended agreement with something actual, high on the Tone Scale.

LRH 25 March 1953 The Elements with Stress on How to Run Matched Terminals

Are we surprised that Mark Rathbun selects the wrong Target once again.  Not at all, selecting the Wrong Target is one of the things SPs specialize in.