Squirrels and the Benevolent Dictator

Well I had a great chuckle today reading some of the squirrel ‘wisdom’.

Someone mentioned ‘benevolent dictator’ in a thread, which resulted in several ‘experts’ leaping into the discussion with their versions of what LRH said, their interpretations of that, quotes from other sources and their own thoughts on the matter. Should there be a dictator, a democracy or monarchy ruling the Church? A few got quite het up and started being surprisingly abusive to their fellow squirrels.

The final winner, as far as I could tell anyway, was that a ‘benevolent dictator’ would be a good thing, as long as he operated on the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. In second place was ‘democracy’.

The amusing thing is that this little band of squirrels, distilling their combined wisdom to come up with some major philosophical insight into how the Church should be governed, come up with a solution that would have gotten them kicked out, which is the problem they are trying to solve in the first place!

Think about it. Any dictator who had the interests of the Church at heart, and who operated on the greatest good for the greatest number, would kick these idiots out. And any democracy, also operating on the same principle, would do the same.

They have been kicked out (or blew) because they are squirrels and SPs. They won’t follow policy. They suffer from extreme ‘over thereness’ and believe there are other causes to their ARC Breaks than their own O/Ws. Most of them happily confess that they blew, when that is tantamount to an admission of guilt. (“People leave because of their own overts and withholds.” LRH). And, whatever their individual circumstances, the one thing they cannot deny is that they are committing suppressive acts in present time.

In their little world they think they are the really ethical people, the ones that know how it should be done, the ones who can really apply policy and who can really audit. They believe they are better execs, auditors, C/Ses, ethics officers and staff than anyone in the Church. Hell, they even believe they know better than LRH in many cases. On every thread on every subject one thing is for sure – the squirrels know best. To them, everyone still in the Church is ‘out ethics’, ‘blind’ or ‘stupid’.

Let’s be real about this:- for every one of these squirrels, there are well over 1,000 people on lines and winning.

This little minority of people are on the outside because that is where they belong. Their ‘solution’ to how the Church should be managed is more evidence of how deluded they are. They just don’t see the outpoint at all! But then LRH does say:

Self-criticism is a luxury the antisocial cannot afford. They must be RIGHT because they are in continual danger in their own estimation. If you proved one WRONG, you might even send him or her into a severe illness.” LRH 27 Sept 66 The Antisocial Personality, The Ant-Scientologist.

– Minerva