Squirrels – permission needed to build; no permission needed to destroy

As I have covered before, one of the major lines of attack by the squirrels is against Ideal Orgs. They hate them with a vengeance that belies their claims to want to see Scientology expand and LRH recognized as Source.

The fact is that they want orgs destroyed, as Scientology Organizations are the LRH solution to wide scale dissemination and delivery of the Tech. In the words of their leader – the Mother of all Squirrels Marty Rathbun “I doubt whether organized religion of any kind is very workable” and, “You don’t need the organizations in order to practice the philosophy.”


The most constant refrain from the squirrel camp in this regard is “there is no policy that says you can fundraise to create an Ideal Org.”

Isn’t it strange that the squirrels demand a Policy reference to create something positive, while at the same time ignoring Policy as they try to destroy the very same thing?

Perhaps there is no policy that specifically says “get the public to help create an Ideal Org by donating money for the outright purchase of a suitable building”. I wouldn’t know. But I do know that there is no policy prohibiting it.  Conversely, there is much policy forbidding the actions and activities the squirrels are engaged in, and none condoning it.

In fact there is a lot of policy that supports having an Ideal Org, some of which I have posted in this site already. Here are some more quotes.

A poor org public image can cost an org nine-tenths of its income, thus greatly curtailing pay and facilities. It can lead to trouble with the area. It can reduce the expansion of Dianetics and Scientology to near zero.

When important people enter an org and find its premises messy, themselves and their requirements neglected, the org not only loses their fee, it also loses the important friends who would actively protect it.

If an org and its staff display a downstat image, public confidence in Dianetics and Scientology is shaken.

By showing a good org mock-up, we are living examples of what Dianetics and Scientology can do. …

As our organizations are built (due to tech concentration) on handling the individual, any PRO must be very alert to any point which would seem to the “customer” to diminish his status.

A PRO should himself look at the given points from the viewpoint of an important potential “customer”. Would the org environment and handling attract or drive off an important person (let us say, the mayor) as a “customer”? If the answer is “yes” in any point, then the org is losing up to 90% of its income through these PRO omissions.”

HCO PL 17 June 69 The Org Image

One could look at this ideal org and know that this was the place a new civilization was being established for this planet”

LRH ED 102 Int, 20 May 1970 The Ideal Org

That sentence says it all. Go into one of the Ideal Orgs and LOOK and you know that this is true. Watch the films on the panels and it is real. Take a service and you are convinced.


Another continual drone from the squirrel camp is that the Church is about MEST. They don’t like the upstat image, obviously preferring the En-MEST that passed for orgs when they, allegedly, were ‘happy’ in the Church.

While the above quotes more than adequately deal with why we need to have upstat MEST, in case it is still not clear, “THE PUBLIC KNOWS US BY OUR MEST”  LRH  2 NOV 70 The Theory of Scientology Organizations.

What amuses me about the squirrel’s obsession with MEST is that they somehow fail to understand that that ‘Theta is senior to MEST’, which is after all one of the most basic datums we have in Scientology.

The MEST of Ideal Orgs gets put there by the intention, create and postulates of Theta. A group of Thetans in an org area, staff and public, get together and decide that they are going to create a Ideal Org. And they do. It’s great!

Only a squirrel would see the MEST without the Theta.

To end, here is another great LRH quote.

“Sanity is dependent upon computation into the future, smooth planning about the future – happiness, height on the Tone Scale, lack of fear, all of these things – smooth planning about the future.  And the low Tone Scale stuff is too much involvement in the past.”

LRH lecture 12 Oct 51

– Minerva –