Tell me Marty Rathbun does it hurt to be stupid?

My last posting explored the datum from The Criminal Mind HCOB that:


Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder love to provide us with a day-by-day real world demo of that datum.

As if on cue, Marty Rathbun’s recent posting about the IAS event and COB was on stage translating the Freedom Medal Award winners’ acceptance speeches in a way to show favor upon himself. It seems 50,000 of us either in attendance or watching it in its broadcast missed what only Marty and Mike saw or shall we say dubbed in since they are delusionary types.

Let’s get this straight since Rathbun and Rinder got it so crooked.

Marty Rathbun claims that COB reading the translations of others from a teleprompter was COB himself translating, not just reading the translations of what others had said in their foreign languages. Yet 50,000 of us knew the Medal Award winners were reading from the prompter the speeches they wrote and COB delivered an English translation of their speeches by reading the prompter.

We know that given enough overts, a person literally can’t see. In Rathbun’s case that blindness has risen to a level of stupidity, not just myopia. Rinder is a close second in his level of stupidity.

LRH said an SP can be brilliant or stupid, and Rathbun proves daily he’s not brilliant. Rinder may be a shade above Rathbun’s imbecility, but he still needs a dunce’s cap, too.

Get over yourself, Marty, and watch the video again. See if you can figure out what the 5,000 people who were there could see, but you were too stupid to figure out.

Then go sit in the corner, Marty.