Marty Rathbun: Textbook Squirrel

Marty Rathbun has never had clean hands with regards to Scientology. He’s admitted to some of the most despicable (and hidden) acts while he was pretending to be a legitimate staff member. He has a self-admitted history of a bizarre and often self-invented technical actions when he had access to a genuine e-meter, and left a trail of people needing extensive repair, when they didn’t in fact abandon their Bridges altogether after his “handlings.”

Now that he’s blown far from any ethics oversight, Rathbun would have us believe that his hands are now clean, and his efforts to “salvage” Scientology sincere and pure.

His actions and “products” tell the real tale, however. Broken relationships, drug reversions, alcoholism, backbiting, and of course the de rigeur Church-bashing are the normal Rathbun results of his “services.”

All this is not really new. Marty Rathbun is a textbook squirrel, and LRH wrote about him and his ilk quite a few years ago:

Over the past 15 years we have seen a lot of groups splinter off from Scientology and beat the drum for some offbeat use of the technology.  We call them “squirrels” because they are so nutty.  They come and they go.  We’re still here and will continue to be….

We don’t object to Dianetics or Scientology being used.  We prefer it to have its right name.  But we like to have it in clean hands….

They are quite violent on the subject of ethics as you ordinarily expect a criminal to be and are savage about organizations, having stolen money and lists from ours.  They are being careful not to attack me publicly in the hopes people will think them noble and inspired.  They’re inspired all right – by the “buck.”  But we wish them no bad luck.  We don’t have to.  It’s punishment enough just to be themselves and live with what they are.” ….

Marty Rathbun has predictably tried the same ploy as squirrels have used since day one – being careful not to attack the Founder publicly in the hopes people will think him noble and inspired.  We know how violent he is on the subject of ethics, and when not violent, steers people away from it altogether. Whatever feels good is OK with Rathbun and friends, regardless of the harm it does on any dynamic. One might even think Rathbun encourages out-ethics as a way to help others hold themselves off the Bridge.

Most of his daily actions to slander the Church and honest members of it are textbook violations of Suppressive Acts as laid out in policy by LRH. One of Rathbun’s favorites is his self-promoted desire to “save” Scientology, which he apparently feels he will do by employing reverse-Dianetics, implanting techniques, group hypnotism (even these ideas he squirrels) and bizarre applications of specious propaganda techniques.

Pretty much what you would expect from a textbook squirrel. And all of Rathbun’s chittering and running around and around in circles can’t cover for the fact that he’s just another textbook squirrel and SP.

“Soon they’ll have one another’s throats cut or in jail and that will be that….

If you meet anyone going off to this group, list them with your Ethics Officer.  They will never be given any upper level materials or training.

We don’t really wish them any harm.  We only hope they don’t hurt too many when they crash.

Then I suppose we’ll have to pick up the pieces….

Their influence is far less than they pretend.  They seem big (like any SP) because they sent literature to our org officers in an effort to suppress them.  Their public reach is very tiny.  Don’t help it….

They may bring temporary enturbulation to your area but beyond that have no other importance as such groups die easily and we make a habit of survival.”


27 Sept 65