The John Nunez story

I want to deal with the John Nunez success story in this blog.  It’s so seldom that we have wins like this – a touching story of how, against all odds, someone turned their life around by simply turning to the ethics tech, and through sheer self determined ‘make it go right’, applied that tech to counter their descent into the gutter.

At the point this story starts, our hero, John Nunez was real scum.  I think even he would admit that ugly truth now.   It starts when he was the Senior C/S in Sacramento Org.

As a Class VI he was highly trained, and so knew that when he touched up and made passes at the girl he was C/Sing on the Purif, it really was not OK.  And when she later refunded, he felt a slight pang of responsibility.

The Gross Auditing Errors he committed on the staff and public, although well justified, were simply that.  GAEs.  He knew better than to misapply LRH Tech like that, as any C/S does.

Seducing another staff member’s wife and a having a couple of out-2Ds with org public were another low point, but not as low as when he had an out-2D with a married woman that he was doing marriage counseling on.  Hell, that is the kind of thing psychs do to their patients; you don’t have to be trained or know much Scientology ethics tech to know that that is about as low as a being can get.

Well, it all got found out and in 2006 John Nunez was comm eved and declared for the suppressive, anti-social, acts he was committing.

Finding himself on the street, Nunez had his first wake-up call when he tried to ply his trade in the local area.  Competition to deliver out tech to out ethics PCs was high, and John instinctively new that if he was going to make it he would have to up his game.  Seeing that there was gross out tech amongst the squirrels, he set up a group try and maintain ‘technical standards’ in the squirrel field, and bravely battled, often alone, to keep some level of tech and ethics applied.

It must have been a huge relief to him when Marty Rathbun appeared on the scene.  Here was the Ex I/G Ethics, a man who could easily snap the squirrel field into line and drum all out tech practices out of them.  John Nunez immediately ingratiated himself with Marty and became one of his staunch supporters.

The incredible transformation in John Nunez is, in my humble opinion, most clearly shown in a bristling attack he posted just 4 days ago on someone who had been critical of Marty.   It is inspirational; read it for yourself.

“The vital fact to consider here is that all I was doing was trying to get Pierre to correct himself so that his pcs (like you) would receive standard tech and win. I emailed him personally and confidentially, and got back an email which denied everything the pc was telling me and that I shouldn’t be repairing the pc, as I’m not in the know as regards L-11 (running a hidden data line.) All I was doing was repairing Listing and Nulling, and Dating and Locating. All I was doing was suggesting he do something about the out-tech he was committing. He could have sent me an acknowledgment and that would have been that.  Instead he denied it and clearly doubted my perspicuity [sic!]. As a former Senior Case Supervisor, having worked with many different auditors over the past 16 years, this threw up a big red flag. I knew I was dealing with a very out-ethics auditor who must have other out-tech. I knew this immediately because that is what LRH says throughout the C/S training I did, and it always proved out to be the case.  It became evident I was dealing with someone bordering on Type 3, who was battling his own psychosis, and best left off my comm lines. It was clear there was no way to get Pierre corrected. I read the comments on this blog and decided to act. That is what personal integrity is all about.” John Nunez

Wow!!   Isn’t that AWESOME!  It is living proof that proper use of justice procedures results in people getting their own personal ethics in; that people are fundamentally good; that the tech works.   Nunez just nails the guy, “You got out tech and out ethics. And I got personal integrity.  BOOM.”   It all goes to show, doesn’t it?  Incredible ethics change!!

I mean, here is a guy who committed gross out tech and out ethics and got declared for it, and he has obviously had major ethics change and cognitions and so can now call out other people on the same subject.  Respect Dude!

No wonder Marty Rathbun himself proclaimed just 3 days ago:

“For the record, John Nunez is one of the few Auditors/C/Ses I unequivocally recommend.”

Congratulations John for receiving that accolade!

May I wish you . . . er . . .  what’s that? . . . are you sure? . . . but . . uhm . . . hang on a minute.

I don’t really know how to put this but . . . I just received an email from someone which included some attachments.

Seems I may have spoken just a little too soon.

Seems that maybe it’s not really ethics change we are looking at.  It may in fact be the old “Pot calling the kettle black”  thing again.  You know, the “Overts doth speak loud . . .”

OK – I was being facetious.  It seemed like a good way to portray what has to be one of the lowest toned 2 faced backstabbing squirrels I have ever run across.  Now let’s look at the real John Nunez.

On John Nunez’s My Space site (screen capture attached) he has the following to say under the main section of the site STATUS AND MOOD.

Posted at 8:29 AM Mar 11

John Nunez Just doing what I do best, drinking, smoking dope and

conning non-clears out of their cash. Life is good.

Mood: accomplished

Posted at 9:01 AM Mar 11

John Nunez Trying to remember the clear, or clearly, or anything at all. Man that was some good shit!

Mood: giggly

Posted at 7:28 AM Mar 14

John Nunez Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious…It is corrupt, sinister and dangerous. It is corrupt because it is based on lies and deceit.

Posted at 2:50 AM Mar 28

John Nunez Boning my dog. Or getting Jack off!

Mood: Evil

Posted at 9:35 AM Apr 20

John Nunez Gay and proud! Looking for my ideal man.

Posted at 11:54 PM Apr 28

John Nunez Still crazy after all these years. But I think I have found love with Steve Bode. Time will tell.

Mood: happy

Posted 4 Hours ago

John Nunez Thanks for all of the sage advice Steve! You are the man!

Mood: accomplished

John Nunez is no success story.  On the contrary, he is a demonstration of a being descending the dwindling spiral.

Once upon a time he would have been a proud being.  Probably when he completed his Class VI training he was, and that probably held for a while when he first got back to Sac Org from Flag.  But then the overts started.  Whether it was the out-2D, the out tech, or perhaps drink or drugs, he started on the slippery slope downwards that led to his gross violation of the auditor’s code and other suppressive acts that in turn got him thrown out as an SP.  He had all the tools to hand, and had been trained in their use, to not only see and handle this, but to predict the outcome if he did not apply them.

Forget any ideas about his having turned around, he is still spiraling downwards.  His virtuous speeches to impress Marty and other squirrels are transparent PR.  His ‘group’ to protect the tech is a sham attempt at pretending authority, and his accusing any other squirrel of out tech and out ethics is a joke.

The dwindling spiral is evident in all his dynamics, but no more than his 2nd.

Rather a progression isn’t it?   He’s spiraled down from going out 2D with public; to out 2D with his PC;  to ‘finding love’ with Steve Bode; to boning his dog.

Hang on – news flash.  He ain’t finished yet.  A little birdie tells me that he continues the slide downward, now slipping into Mareka Jameses well-worn trough, the most recent visitor in a very long line of patrons.

On that subject, I am somewhat surprised at Lucy and Haydn James.  As you will have read in a recent post of mine, and as I will cover in upcoming articles, Lucy and Haydn were responsible for forcing staff at Birmingham Org to have abortions; for messing up people’s 2Ds and families; and for encouraging and manipulating divorces.  In fact everything that they now so vocally accuse others of doing they themselves did – yes, that old song again.

From all the data I have been sent on them it is clear that they are low toned and playing at being victims.  They live in sheltered accommodation with Mike and his Gal (sheltered because they are unemployed and are living on charity from others) and their havingness is low.

Mareka is their daughter.  Sure she is a drain on them as she doesn’t work either, and perhaps that is why they are happy that she screws around so much.  At least when she is off somewhere doing that they don’t have to feed her.

But allowing her to go off with John Nunez!?!   That is right.  He was recently staying at the house, before leaving for Sac with Mareka.  Did they not talk to the guy at least?  Are they so out-to-lunch that they cannot see through his facade to spot the real PC screwing, dog boning, Steve loving, drug taking degraded being that he is?

It really doesn’t say much for them as parents, now does it?  Doesn’t really give them license to point the finger at anyone on the subject of the 2D does it?