The Marty Rathbun Inc. Paradox

John Sweeney and Marty Rathbun

Marty Rathbun is waxing poetic again about his latest favorite topic – “integration.” He has now integrated cognitive therapy into the mix, equating it with Scientology auditing.

By all appearances, Rathbun has figuratively set sail on his own voyage of self-discovery, dabbling in various thought processes to seek, perhaps, a path to inner peace.

Serenity, however, has long eluded Marty Rathbun who prides himself on having a “warrior” mentality, one that suited his abrasive and sometimes belligerent personality.

While we don’t begrudge anyone for attempting to find a path towards enlightenment, we do wonder what Rathbun’s counseling clients, especially those in the turbulent “indie” group, think of their so-called leader.

For instance, if cognitive therapy, as Rathbun says, is just as good as altered Scientology auditing, then why not simply go to your local therapist instead of incurring the expenses required for a trip to rural Texas?

And, maybe – as some of the comments on Rathbun’s blog reflect – a number of “indies” are growing tired of his long-winded reflections on Zen Buddhism when all they really want is some altered tech. Anyone who is seriously thinking of undergoing a counseling session with Rathbun has to factor all this into the equation.

In other words, what will they really get out of a sit-down with Rathbun? And, is the “donation” really worth it.

Then there’s the aforementioned “warrior” mentality problem. Calm and collected as he wanders his way through his spiritual online journey, Rathbun, in reality, is not quite as calm as he seems.

We’ve seen his hostile rants about Scientology, where he can barely contain his anger and resentment over losing his career in the Church. Plus, he forwards the message of rabid Scientology haters like John Sweeney who recently published his diaries justifying his epic meltdown with Church officials while filming a show for his employer.

Rathbun, we think, longs for those “warrior” days and that’s probably one of the reasons he likes to get in bed with anti-Scientologists such as Sweeney, who makes no bones about where he stands on Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

That’s where things get a bit tricky for Rathbun and his counseling. While vehemently criticizing all things having to do with Scientology, and teaming up with a man like Sweeney, the Texas “guru” still claims that he is a staunch believer in the doctrines of L. Ron Hubbard.

The two simply don’t mix, unless Rathbun is a walking, talking paradox.

Indulging his interest in various religions and philosophies, while throwing in a dash of psychotherapy, and a dose of LRH bashing, is not what, it seems, his followers are looking for in the man they put their faith in and whose livelihood they support through his counseling sessions.

Rathbun might be well on his way towards losing credibility with his clients who don’t exactly relish this mish-mash of spiritual self-help. After all, the way this whole thing started for Rathbun was with his ability to deliver altered Scientology tech.

Maybe he’s outlived his usefulness when it comes to real counseling, or, maybe Marty has decided to move on – to move on just a little bit higher in his journey of self-exploration.

If that’s the case, his clients might just be moving on, too.