The Squirrel Master and One-valued Logic

Several weeks ago I wrote an article about Mark (Marty) “Marcus Brutus” Rathbun’s inability to evaluate, called Rathbun Can’t Evaluate. Everything he has done and written since that time simply re-enforces that statement.

The simple fact of the matter is that Mark Rathbun cannot think logically or clearly on the subject of Scientology and COB. The only thing he can see is his personal hatred for COB.

Look at the things he rails against.

1.Mark Rathbun hates the IAS. He says that it is off policy and out-exchange. He omits to point out that the IAS was established while LRH was still alive and that LRH approved of it. He refuses to accept that the IAS has done anything of value for the Church, when that is easily demonstrated to be a false position. But because COB champions it, Marty hates it.

2.Mark Rathbun hates the Golden Age of Tech and insists that it turns out people that can’t read a meter and can’t audit. Although easily demonstrated to be false again, he thereby sweepingly dismisses all gains that any PCs have had since 1996, and dismisses all current auditors. Hundreds of people have rave wins each and every week and most of those who have experienced auditing both post and pre Golden Age of Tech say the latter is incomparably better. Perhaps if COB were not associated with it Marty might see some benefits to it.

3.Marty really rails against the Basics, insisting it was all just a con and of no value. The corrections to the books, the recovery of lost tapes, the broad release of the materials and the fact that more people than ever have key materials such as the Phoenix Lectures and PDC are of no value in his “book”. The same goes for the Congresses and the ACCs. He hates it all. The thousands of spectacular success are all meaningless. This really doesn’t make sense. You would think that as someone who claims to be Pro LRH, Marty would welcome the fact that thousands of people are now undertaking a full study of all LRH Tech. But because this is a COB project, Marty hates it with a vengeance.

4.Ideal Orgs are something that really get Marty frothing. He never misses a chance to put them down, or to thank those people posting on his site who have something negative to say on that score. He loves to focus on the MEST – which is not surprising as he doesn’t seem to understand that Theta is senior to MEST and that Considerations are senior to Mechanics. Once again, because COB pushes it Marty hates it.

5.Mark Rathbun hates the Div 6 promotional videos that have been done for the orgs and knocks them whenever he gets a chance. He loves to attack COB on these, saying he is trying to take people out of the line.

The list goes on. Recently there has been a review of Freeloader Bills.

Marty sees himself as the champion of correcting injustices in the Church. Previously he has complained that freeloader bills were too high and were unjust. Logically one would think he would be pleased to hear that they are being reduced. However, the opposite is true. Marty is furious about the freeloaders and funnels his fury into yet another attack on COB. It is not just that Marty doesn’t want people going back into the Church, it is because he thinks COB is behind it.

It is safe to say that Mark Rathbun blames COB directly for everything that he thinks is wrong with the Church. It goes beyond that – if he thinks someone is following him, it becomes a PI sent in by COB. He thinks there are plants all around him – sent in by COB. If anything goes wrong in his life, he blames COB.

The thing I have noticed in reading his postings is that he has never given COB credit for anything positive or good. As far as Mark Rathbun is concerned, COB has been working for the last 30 years or so with the sole aim of bringing down the Church.

There is an interesting LRH Lecture in which he goes into this phenomenon while discussing the various types of Logic.

“How do people think? What is logic? And in order to understand this one, I’ll have to tell you a little about the history of logic.

“Once upon a time, Man functioned on one-valued logic. You can see immediately that one-valued logic would be highly reactive. Be cause and effect that’s all. But cause and effect were exterior to him, as far as he could tell. This was one-valued logic. Sum it up to the will of God. Anything happened, that was God’s fault. That’s some savage in the jungle and so forth, he gets his feet wet, that’s God’s fault. And if he eats and dines too well upon slightly decomposed whale and gets a stomachache, that stomachache is God’s fault. That’s one-valued logic. This is a fundamental in reactive thought. So we had one-valued logic.

“Now, a fellow by the name of Aristotle came along and codified logic. And he said in effect, “Man has a right to think.” … and he gave us two-valued logic.

“So here was two-valued logic: right and wrong. In other words, an absolute scale. There was no in-between about this. The thing was absolutely right or it’s absolutely wrong. …

“Now in a practical world, you really can’t deal very well with two-valued logic. …

“Right and wrong. God and the Devil, it’s either constructive or it’s destructive. A girl kisses a boy, is that right or wrong? Now, you would say, “Well, it depends.” No. Wrong! …

“Well, this evolved along to this point and we find out – the second we really begin to regard the human mind, we find out that it’s absolutely necessary for us to regard logic, in infinity values. We just take a jump from three-valued logic into an infinity of values. And actually we come upon, then, a highly workable system of logic”. LRH

A highly workable system of logic it might be, but employing it is not a luxury that Mark Rathbun can indulge in, for it would have to allow the possibility that COB is not “completely evil”.

Marty cannot allow COB to be right about anything as that would mean that he, Marty, was wrong. Personally I have difficulty understand the absolute terror that Marty has in conceding at least some rightness to COB and some wrongness to himself, but I do see that being 100% right is an all-consuming mission for Marty.

The problem with operating on one-valued logic; blaming COB for everything, seeing him behind every bush and his hand in every action, is that it is an A=A=A. It is a primitive, bank reaction.