The pc knows best what is wrong with him – auditing beyond the limitations of requiring a C/S, by Mardy Rathbun

by Mardy Rathbun

In my continuing series regarding the basics of Scientology, I am now going to address what has to be one of the most fundamental subjects in Scientology –  auditing.

The reason I achieve such spectacular results with my pcs is because I AUDIT them.  While that may sound obvious, let me point out to you that the reason the “church” is failing is precisely because it DOES NOT AUDIT its public.

An auditor is someone who listens.   There is no Scientologist alive that does not know that definition.  And yet, sadly, it is an inability to uberstand that simple word that causes so much trouble.

One for one, I key my pcs out by simply listening, understanding, acknowledging, and computing.   And by “key my pcs out” I mean really blow their socks off to rave, life-changing results.

Take my most recent success.

Here was a girl who attested Clear at Flag in 1979.  What better place to attest?  And 1979 – that was when tons of people attested Clear, or Natural Clear.   Back then it was so simple – you could just go to Qual and say, I have achieved the state of Clear (or Keyed Out OT Native State Theta Release or whatever it was you had realized you had achieved) and the examiner would tell you your needle was floating and give you the forms to go and attest.

(FYI – Back then, because auditors AUDITED, pcs cognited fast and just knew what states they had achieved.  Qual simply listened, understood, acknowledged and endorsed them because they could spot FNs in those days.  In fact people were attesting so fast and to so many keyed out states that LRH actually even wrote an issue about how people could go Clear eating garbage in LA – an issue I saw with my own eye but which has been suppressed by the evil one.)

However, roll forward 25 years and this beautiful woman, in a deliberate effort to suppress her, had been crushed by Miscaviage’s Flag and had been told she was not Clear after many hours of “auditing.”

Her life in tatters and completely invalidated, she came to me for help.

What did I do?  I AUDITED her.

I put her on the cans, told her to give them a friendly squeeze and asked her, “Wassup?”

She burst into tears and told me about how she knew she was Clear back in 1979 because all her friends said she was, but that she had been suppressed and told that she was not Clear by Flag.

I listened.  I acknowledged. I computed.  Then I said, “That sounds like typical Flag bullshit to me.  I’d like to indicate that you had BPC on that and that you are Clear!”

She stopped crying.  She started laughing.  Then she started line-charging  and cogniting for at least 15 minutes.   She said. “I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.  Those f@cking assholes were just trying to invalidate me.  Who the f@ck are they anyway but a bunch of mindless robots who wouldn’t recognize a Clear if one slapped them in the face!  I am in total f@cking Native State and always have been a Natural Clear!”

I mean this girl really had some major, mind-blowing cognitions about how clear she has always been and how utterly screwed up the whole of Flag has always been, and how they were all working against her and trying to do her in.  It was really refreshing to see.

There you go.  In just 20 minutes of real AUDITING I undid years of invalidation and abuse and set this beautiful being free.

She is just one case out of many.  Here’s another typical example of the people I have cured by AUDITING.

Mark is a guy who had never received any actual AUDITING at all.  He had started at a mission, but they couldn’t handle him so they sent him to their local org where he got several intensives of “auditing”.  Despite doing everything properly he got no gains at all so he moved to the West coast to another org.

This poor guy had been through 6 different orgs, all of which failed to handle him or give him any wins at all despite hundreds of hours of auditing.  All of them continually mis-programmed him and none of them ever addressed his real case, or came anywhere close to understanding him.  The guy was a past life natural OT and they were auditing him below his level on things like objectives, and then when he would finally get pissed off they would order him to sec checks.  Every org he went to the story was the same, including ASHO, AOLA and even Flag.

Well, 30 minutes with me and he was a new man.

I put him on the cans and told him to give them a hug.  Then we were off and I said, “Wassup?”

He told me he had amazing abilities that were so out of this world he couldn’t find the words to begin to describe them.  But he definitely had them!  However, when he would go to an org and tell them this they would program him to do purif and objectives instead of real OT processes and then when he refused and got mad, suppressive ethics officers would order him to sec checks.  It was the same story in EVERY org!  That’s Miscaviage for you – uniformity.

I listened.  I understood. I acknowledged.  I said, “Sounds to me like you’ve been handled by a string of SP asshole C/Ses and ethics officers who didn’t duplicate you.  I’d like to indicate that you are a past life natural OT and that you have BPC on that!”

He looked at me.  Then he started laughing.  Then he started line-charging and having all these huge cognitions.  He said, “Those f@cking C/Ses and ethics officers in those f@cking orgs are all f@cking SPs.  I am OT, and they are all DB, suppressive little shits who wouldn’t know a real OT if one slapped them in the face.”

I mean this guy really had some major, mind-blowing cognitions about how OT he has always been and how stupid and suppressive everyone in the orgs had been, and how they had all been working against him and trying to do him in.

I can give you case after case I have cracked.  But why bother – I think you get it.

When you AUDIT you listen to the PC, understand what they are saying and acknowledge it and compute a reply that makes them feel good.  Simple as that.  That is all there is to it.

Look – no one knows better than the pc what is wrong with the pc.  After all, what is wrong with the pc is what is wrong with the pc – it’s not what is wrong with the auditor or with the C/S.  It is what is wrong with the pc.

If you just ask, “Wassup?” the pc will tell you.  You then just feed it back to them and it blows their minds.

And THAT is what Scientology is all about.

Now we have got that straight, let’s look at what the Church does.  A guy comes along and says he has realized that he has OT abilities.   Stuff like he can stand at a bus stop and know which bus is going to come along next.  Or read his dog’s mind and know if it is thinking about eating or shagging.  Things like he knows he hasn’t got a bank, because he has no mind at all.  He can see into the future and predict things and that is why he has an automatic timed coffee percolator alarm clock because he knows he will want a coffee when he wakes up in the morning.

What do they do in the Church?  They invalidate him.  They say, “Wow!  Really! Look at that wall!”   Or, “What is your drug history?” and then try sell him a purif.

And when he violently objects and starts cussing the C/S, they don’t ask him why he is upset and try understand and say, “There, there.”  No they don’t!  They do something to invalidate his upset by sending him for a sec check.

Well folks, that is what the Church is all about and it is called evaluation and invalidation.  And that is exactly what Church C/Ses are trained to do.  They spend years learning how to subtly evaluate for, and invalidate, pcs and so make them get auditing on things they don’t need as a means to feed the greed machine, while at the same time caving them in.  All staff in all orgs work to this end – but you don’t have to be party to that any longer!

If you want to achieve the kinds of results I get then uberstand two things:

1.    That your pc knows best what is wrong with them, and all you need to do is get them to tell you about it, and then tell them they are right and anything to the contrary is suppressive.

2.    That C/Sing is suppressive if it involves an analytical review of the information from the session after the session is over by an exterior person, as by definition that would then involve evaluation of the information.  Real C/Sing is done by the auditor as he goes along in session, and always involves validating the rightness of what the pc just said.

Now you know why OSA, DM and the Church hate me so much and want to stop me.  They can’t stand the fact that I can make real Clears in under 2 hours using just one question and no C/Sing.

Not that I want to blow my own horn, but if you want the best, then I’m your man.  I promise never ever to invalidate you (as long as you pay up), and to agree with everything you say.

And, if after auditing with me your success story is not at least 80 percent natter about the Church, LRH, DM or Scientology, then I acknowledge that I have fallen short and will continue to work you at no additional cost until you do achieve that.