The Squirrels – Creating Insanity

Mark Rathbun specializes in using “Black” or Reverse Data Series to control the “mob think” of his followers.

The Data Series as laid out by LRH teaches people how to think, how to see clearly, how to find a right why. Using the Data Series properly allows people to view something sanely.


By messing around with the factors that cause data to become illogical, Marty Rathbun confuses his followers into accepting illogical conclusions and he thereby dupes them into buying his lies.

As squirrels they are already dramatizing evil purposes, and their overts and withholds have already cut down their ability to perceive truth.

Pure, unadulterated insanity is an evil purpose.” LRH ESTO 10

Knowing this, Marty feeds them data laced with outpoints and encourages and fans the fires of insanity. The level of think amongst most of his followers is A=A=A and they automatically buy anything Marty sells them with no second thought of their own.

I will lay out his perverted use of the Data Series in a later post, but to start with I’d like to illustrate an obvious misapplication he routinely indulges in. Marty uses two primary systems to sell his data to his followers.

  1. He either tells them it is ‘from a reliable source’ (sometimes an ‘unimpeachable source’ just to use different wording) and is therefore true, or,
  2. He tells them he has received the same data from ‘multiple sources’ or ‘lots of people’ or that he has “verified” it with several people and therefore it must be true.

This is what LRH has to say about this type of thing. It comprises the first few paragraphs of Data Series 6, DATA SYSTEMS, and is well worth reading and understanding.

Two bad systems are in current use on data.

The first is “reliable source”. In this system a report is considered true or factual only if the source is well thought of. This is a sort of authority system. Most professionals working with data collection use this. Who said it? If he is considered reliable or an authority the data is considered true or factual. Sources are graded from A to D. A is highest, D lowest. The frailty of this system is at once apparent. Philby, as a high British intelligence official, was a Russian spy for 30 years. Any data he gave the UK or US was “true” because he was a “reliable source”. He had every Western agent who was being sent into communist areas “fingered” and shot. The West became convinced you could not enter or overthrow communist held areas and stopped trying! Philby was the top authority! He fooled CIA and MI6 for years!

Psychiatrists are “authorities” on the mind. Yet insanity and criminality soar. They are the “reliable sources” on the mind.

Need I say more?

The other system in use is multiple report. If a report is heard from several areas or people it is “true”. The Russian KGB has a Department D that forges documents and plants them in several parts of the world. They are then “true”.

Propaganda spokesmen located all over the world say the same thing to the press on every major occasion. This becomes “public opinion” in government circles and so is “true” because it is published and comes from so many areas.

Five informants could all have heard the same lie.

This we see these two systems of evaluation are both birdbrain.

The above two data systems are used by Marty along with deliberate Black application of the Data Series outpoints, to sell lies to his mob following.

These squirrel applications are as old as the hills. The handling is to maintain your own integrity, and to get hatted up on spotting outpoints. The Investigations Booklet is probably the best place to start.

The fact is that Scientology is expanding like never before. The products in terms of PCs, auditors and Scientologists are real products, beyond and unlike anything produced before. Scientology is being steered with a firm hand in directions that will ensure it will expand into the future and accomplish its goal of creating a new civilization on earth.

The squirrels are the ones who have stood in the way of this drive and tried to sabotage it. Kicked out of the group for trying to derail the efforts to expand the Church, they are now the yapping dogs snapping at the wheels of the fire engine as it races to deal with the fire.

– Minerva