The Way to Happiness for Mark “Marty” Rathbun

Once again I am amazed that Marty Rathbun uses LRH data in an attempt to point a finger, while seemingly oblivious to the fact that the finger is pointing at him.

His essay titled “Happiness” is worthy of some dissection, simply to illustrate a point.

Rathbun Paragraph 1: “A lot of the repeated comments on this blog trying to justify DM’s atrocities with LRH Policies from the sixties would be purely academic if they weren’t so accusative and invalidative”.

What repeated comments are you talking about Marty Rathbun? I have been back through your last 10 posts and do not see many (if any) comments that ‘justify DM’s atrocities’ at all. Are you perhaps just making this up so you have something to blog about?

And what does it mean anyway? How are LRH Policies accusative and invalidative? Of what? Of you? Or are you talking about the comments?

Are you saying that other people are being accusative and invalidative?

What I did notice looking through your blog is that YOU are relentlessly accusative and invalidative of COB, and that wherever possible YOU try to use LRH to attack him. There is no balance in your onslaught – everything COB ever did is bad and evil in your opinion. This is again shown in your second paragraph, below, where you insinuate that all communication to LRH was poisoned by COB and that nothing LRH said or did can be trusted after the release of the Happiness Rundown.

And with this massive generality you dismiss technical breakthroughs like Stalled Dianetics Clear Solved, OT 7 and OT 8 …

Marty Paragraph 2: “I recently audited a person on the Happiness Rundown, one of the last indisputably LRH directed and approved rundowns of his lifetime. It was his last major signature technical contribution before the DM purges began and all communications to and from LRH became filtered through DM’s murky lens.”

The HRD came out in 1981 – I got it then and so did other people I know. For me it wasn’t great. Problem was David Mayo (one of your new heroes) messed it up, and so LRH sorted it out in ’84. But, horror of horrors, that was when COB was ‘on the lines’. So which version did you just audit on this hapless PC of your’s. The Mayo version? Or the LRH ’84 ‘tainted’ version? Which version is the undisputed LRH version?

To say that something developed in ’81 was LRH’s last major technical contribution shows the level of your hatred and distortion on things. There are 2 Tech Volumes from 1980 onwards containing lots of tech.

As I pointed out above – you try to use LRH against COB every time, one way or another. Here, instead of quoting policy, you use him by attempting to draw your readers into the falsehood that LRH could no longer see clearly because his view was colored by COB. This of a man who spent his entire life sifting truths out of seas of falsehoods. A man who could apply the Data Series and evaluate facts. A man who had real suppression and real SPs on his lines for most of his life and who despite that was able to research and create the tech.

Somehow LRH suddenly lost the ability to sort the wheat out from the chaff? Suddenly he became suppressed? Didn’t know what hit him? Never occurred to him to clean the dirty lens…? You don’t think much of LRH do you?

Time Mark “Marty” Rathbun, to look at the Way To Happiness. When LRH lists out the virtues, he also gives a little more data along with each, which I will include here as we go through them.

If one were to think over how he or she would like to be treated by others,

one would evolve the human virtues.

Just figure out how you would want people to treat you.”

“You would possibly,

first of all, want to be treated JUSTLY:

you wouldn’t want people lying about you

or falsely or harshly condemning you.


How does that sound to you Marty? Have you been treating COB justly? I know you have your position and your accusations and actions all justified, but that is not the same thing as treating someone justly. Have you been lying about COB; harshly condemning him maybe? Just a little bit maybe …?

You would probably want your friends

and companions to be LOYAL:

you would not want them to betray you.”

What about this one? COB came out and got you after you blew the first time. He sent you to the Ship for 2 years, along with 2 Class 12s as your personal auditors and twins, to get you trained and up the Bridge. When you were ill, he made sure you had the very best medical attention available. Sounds to me like he was pretty loyal to you. Have you really been loyal to him? Could it be that you betrayed him?

You could want to be treated

with GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, not hoodwinked

nor tricked.”

Where do you stand on this. Done a little hoodwinking then perhaps? Can you really say you have dealt with him with good sportsmanship? Is what you are doing now ‘good sportsmanship’?

You would want people to

be FAIR in their dealings with you.

You would want them to be HONEST

with you and not cheat you.


Is your barrage of accusations and your continuous onslaught actually fair? Are you really being honest in what you say? Bear in mind what LRH says about truth and facts and the Tone Scale. Seems to me you selectively remember things, twist facts and alter truths to present an image of COB as pure evil. That’s not fair is it – it is not honest either is it?

You might want to be treated KINDLY

and without cruelty.”

Well now Marty Rathbun… You can hardly claim to have kindness on your side… In case you forget, read what you say about yourself on Religious Freedom Watch. I personally suffered at your hands because you were downright nasty – cruelly nasty – most of the time. Kindness … You really can’t accuse anyone of not being kind. But you were treated with kindness – unless a 2 year stint of training and auditing with your own personal Class 12s, personal Stewards etc aboard a ship in the Caribbean is somehow contrived to be an act of cruelty.

You would possibly

want people to be CONSIDERATE of

your rights and feelings.”

This can go on an on … Instead Rathbun, let’s do a little drill. I will lay the remaining virtues out as written by LRH, and you look and see, with no prompting from me, if in fact you can, hand on heart, say that you have always applied these virtues in your dealings with others.

You should of course look at your relationship with COB, but also try and un-fixate from that and look at how you applied these to other people in the past, and how you can now apply them in PT and, most importantly, in the future.

You are correct in your blog that if all Scientologists applied these virtues all the time it would be great – that goes without saying and is why LRH wrote them. But don’t forget Mark Rathbun – as you seem to have elected yourself as some kind of a role model for the ‘Independents’ – you need to be seen to be applying these yourself, not just suggesting that other people apply them, or insinuating that they don’t apply them.

So, I look forward to your future postings, fully adhering to the virtues.

When you were down,

you might like others to


Instead of blasting you,

you would probably want others

to exhibit SELF-CONTROL.


If you had any defects

or shortcomings, if you made a mistake,

you might want people to be TOLERANT,

not critical.”

Rather than concentrating

on censure and punishment, you would

prefer people were FORGIVING.


You might want people

to be BENEVOLENT toward you,

not mean or stingy.”

Your possible desire would be

for others to BELIEVE IN YOU, not doubt you

at every hand.”

You would probably

prefer to be given RESPECT,

not insulted.”

Possibly you would

want others to be POLITE to you

and also treat you with DIGNITY.


You might like

people to ADMIRE you.”

When you did something

for them you would possibly

like people to APPRECIATE you.


You would probably

like others to be FRIENDLY

toward you.”

From some you might

want LOVE.”

And above all,

you wouldn’t want these people

just pretending these things,

you would want them to be quite real

in their attitudes and to be

acting with INTEGRITY.”

Well, those are the virtues Marty Rathbun. We are all guilty of not having applied them at times in the past. Regret for past failings is a waste of time – the thing to do is to make sure that we all apply these in the future.

I sincerely hope that you do take these words by LRH to heart and actually live by them and apply them in your dealings with others. Accusing others of not applying them is not the way to go, and I apologize for having just done that to you and rubbed your nose in the fact that you haven’t applied them up to now. Let’s hope that all changes.