Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder True colors

Sweeney did a royal job of bashing LRH (“L Ron”) and OT III for 5 minutes straight.  It was above and beyond the normal hatchet job.  His intentions in this segment are very clear – utterly ridicule LRH and our beliefs out of existence.  His target in this show was never COB – it was LRH and Scientology.

Then you have a couple dupes “putting Sweeney on the meter.”  I recall Mike and Marty were sort of bragging ahead of time on what a great job they did auditing Sweeney.  I’m wondering if they’re so delusional they think they’re winning him over and impressing him with the tenets of Scientology, the couple of PR “pros” that they think they are.  It’s obvious that Sweeney was playing them like a couple of buffoons.  And the Marty people all think he’s a charming wonderful guy. (!!)  Mike’n’Marty think they’re evening the score with COB while they elicit an attack on LRH and the tech and are too dumb to smell the coffee.

Go figure.  How can Marty deliver “NOTS” and “make clears” while he’s warm and fuzzy with the guy who just did his best to debunk the whole subject.

Marty just posted the unvetted version on his blog for all his people to read.  I’m watching to see if any are intelligent enough to spot the outpoint.

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