Understanding Marty Rathbun

Seeing the real Marty

“The criminal accuses others of things which he himself is doing.”

LRH  HCO PL The Criminal Mind

Any time Marty natters about anything, look at what he says against the above law from HCO PL The Criminal Mind, and you will discover that Marty is in actual fact guilty of that exact same thing himself – on a far larger scale.

The Stable Data in that HCOPL are so accurate that it is like having a crystal ball that allows you to look straight into his mind.  When he natters you can know for a FACT that he is guilty of exactly what he is nattering about.

I have covered this Policy often in the past.  Now, for a different ‘take’ on it, I want to point out that the opposite application is also true.  In other words, if you know what Marty is guilty of, you can also PREDICT what he is going to accuse others of.  It’s so reliable as to be almost magical.

To gain certainty of this, one just needs to drill it.   Based on the following known facts about Marty, work out what accusations he might make:

FACT:  Marty ran NOTS on a lower level pc, severely messing him up.

Predictions: What would Marty accuse other auditors of being?  What would Marty accuse COB of being?  What is Marty going to accuse the Church of in relation to getting pcs up the Bridge?

FACT:  Marty violates HCO PL Keeping Scientology Working daily.

Predictions:  What kinds of things would Marty say about Church executives and their application of Policy?  What would Marty say the ethics level of Church staff would be?  Would he accuse others of trying to destroy Scientology?

FACT:  Marty avoided doing an internship, and never did High Crime checkouts.

Predictions:  What would Marty say about Golden Age of Tech?  What would Marty say about fully interned auditors in the Church?  How would Marty compare his auditing to that of fully trained people?

FACT:  Marty has stated that he wants to destroy the orgs and not have any.

Predictions:  What would Marty say about Ideal Orgs?  What do you think Marty would say about Management?

I think you get the picture.  Here are some more facts about Marty – work out what sort of accusations he would level based on these.

FACT:  Marty audits without a CS.

FACT:  Marty has developed squirrel processes and checksheets.

FACT:  Marty violated the Auditor’s Code continually by invalidating, evaluating for, feeding cognitions to, and breaking trust with his pcs.

FACT:  Marty is abusing the trademarks and service marks of the Church.

FACT:  Marty engages in malicious rumormongering to destroy the authority and repute of higher officers of the Church.

FACT:  Marty screwed up several legal cases wasting millions of Church monies.

FACT:  Marty musical chaired staff and arbitrarily removed them from post.

The laws from the Criminal Mind Policy are infallible and highly useful when dealing with squirrels and SPs.  You should know them cold and use them to understand the people you are talking to.

There are other laws in it as well, and I will cover some of those in later articles.

In the meanwhile, really drill with this one law so you know it cold and can apply it on your feet.