Wham Bam Thank you Sam Domingo

I don’t like people who are critical of Samantha “Sam” Domingo, like saying she is a dope head.   It’s unfair.

Who was it said that being a loud mouthed, schizophrenic, psychotic, airhead is a bad thing?  I have an issue with whoever it was said that, and in particular I have an issue with whoever it was that said that about Sam Domingo.

Sam is not just weird-she is entertaining.  She says she loves LRH tech and she is all pro, and she advocates committing Suppressive Acts in the name of “saving Scientology.”  I think she is just trying to impress Mike Rinder with that.  I really can’t take this seriously just like her attempts to recruit a personal army of Anonymous.

Several times she has written to me personally-trying to broker some kind of rationality out of one side of her mouth, while talking pure nonsense out of the other.  Marty Rathbun she would want to impress too, and I think he likes her.  Marty humors her with comments like “I ain’t afraid of nothin’ but I’m afraid of Sam!” or “I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Sam!”

But then, Marty Rathbun is a wimp and we all know that.

Back to Sam Domingo: her problem is that she tries to impress everyone but can’t, really. What happened when she tried to impress Mike Rinder with her Anonymous connections, like Greebly aka Sean Tobias Devoy of London.  Sam, check who you hang out with! Sean Devoy already in 2009 forgot to wear his mask at an Anonymous hate rally.

Greebly aka Sean Tobias Devoy

Likely Devoy was fed all kinds of nonsense.  His non-conclusive ramblings are legion.  Sam must love him and her personal Anonymous friends.

And I love her.

She is always good for entertainment.

Thanks Sam!