What an old timer has to say about Marty Rathbun

I have been a Scientologist for almost 45 years so I have seen squirrels come and go. Seen not good minded people try to parasite off LRH’s good name, Dianetics and Scientology. Seen these parasites get their teeth into Scientologists too. None supported the Dianetics and Scientology movement with good purpose but with sinister ones. Some were slick, some dumb and some just plain billboards of deception.

In my early years in Scientology, it was just a dream that we would acquire new premises as today’s Ideal Orgs. Those were wild-eyed dreams back then but now reality. Then I wanted my kids to be on staff one day and work in what would become an Ideal Org. Well, they do now. Oh, by the way and I am sure this is really going to upset some squirrels, I’ve been donating to Ideal Orgs for some time now and I’ll keep donating to more and more and more Ideal Orgs. I am building my Pillars of Earth. So when I hear some miserly decrepit squirrels yak, yak, yak about Ideal Orgs, I say, “Good! We’re definitely making real progress when the mad dogs start barking.”

I have worked on staff for years and a fair amount of years as a public. I worked in orgs day in and day out. I worked hard and long and guess what – loved it. I was dedicated and on purpose, I wanted to help my fellow man and all Scientologists. I still am and more than ever.

And I heard of two squirrels by the names of Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. Are you joking? I don’t give them the time of day. Like I said, I’ve seen squirrels, con men, shysters and the likes come and go and so will these two and their clowns. Sure I knew them. So. They tried to intimidate me with their condescending “I am better, more powerful than thou” attitude.    So. They didn’t impress me.

Do you know Rathbun and Rinder have never, ever worked in a service org – never! Not one second! Not even a Mission or a Group. They never once helped the public, Scientologists nor staff on a day-by-day basis like a lot of us have done as either public or staff.

So when I heard about this Marty Rathbun, who professes he is such and such an auditor with a “hidden data line” to boot, I laughed. He never, and I’ll repeat that, never, ever did an internship as an auditor. If you ever interned as an auditor where you had to audit, and audit, and audit public and staff day in and day out – not Rathbun. Never!  He says he did. He lied he did. He falsified he did. He pretended he did. But when the dust from all of that settles, he never did. It goes to prove a squirrel by any other name is a squirrel.

To me, the test of being a staff member, a Sea Org member and a Scientologist is the greatest test in this universe with all the psychosis in bloom. It’s tough but so what. Of course, there are those who don’t want you to be tough and powerful because they can’t control and manipulate you. I learned something over my years in Scientology and it is this: to say to squirrels, SPs, con men, shysters and you name it – get lost and stay lost. Don’t even try to contaminate me with your toxic entheta. And so I’ve lived a very successful and productive life.

Another thing I have learned in my nearly half century in Scientology, is there are those who are foolish and prone to cry and moan over situations about which they have no data.  There are those who are so low in tone that they prefer swindlers and thieves, bogus squirrel articles and grief over and above progress and determination and honesty of Scientologists who are on purpose and ethical. That includes a lot of people, public, staff and Sea Org members alike. But I got to say above all it includes most notably, David Miscavige. I have watched Scientology progress through many trials and tribulations and rise more powerful, more admired and more embraced by the general public every time. And always standing in the forefront was David Miscavige. I know when I see a battle scarred man, a man of integrity and stature. It’s true what LRH stated in his policy on STATURE, “A man is known by the stature of his enemies. If they see danger in him, he must be bigger than they are.” David Miscavige has stood strong against some of the most feared Agencies on Earth and came away victor. As for Rathbun and Mike Rinder they are no where in the same league as Miscavige, despite the misfortune of them having been associated with him in the past by riding on his coattails behind his back. The damage that these squirrels think they can do to Miscavige and Scientology is as a breath against mountains.

It is to be regretted that this world and so many in it are so ill. There are some who want power, some want cash, some want a sphere of operation where they can be injurious and thus enjoy themselves.

I am not disillusioned. I know what I as a Scientologist have achieved over my 50 years. I know what many Scientologists have achieved too. I know what David Miscavige has achieved. So I just have to laugh at these barking squirrel dogs for what they are. Which begs the question, what have Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and their fellow barking dogs ever achieved? Sadly but true, nothing but ruined lives and disasters.

Some will follow fools.  Some will sit down and weep about their lot. But there are those of us who have carried on and will continue to do so, despite the yakking of squirrels. I have, and for many years. Like I said, I’ve seen them come and definitely seen them go.

An Old Timer