Why Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder are losers

Even before I was in Scientology I met a couple of squirrels.

One of these squirrels claimed that he had been “LRH’s right hand man” and that they had had a parting of the ways over a disagreement about the tech. Yet he was offering “consulting courses” where they actually photocopied Scientology course packs. Yeah right, some disagreement.

I heard more than once that the above-mentioned squirrel had the electricity cut off at his house because he couldn’t pay the bill. Then I heard he lost the house and no one ever heard from him again.

And then there is another squirrel. He had become a cocaine addict and could hardly keep his face from twitching and jumping when he talked.

These guys’ ONLY claim to fame was the fact that they had been around LRH. Every bit of “power” they had was parasited off of LRH. Today they have faded off into oblivion. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t taken people down with them. They put people on the wrong road, the road that doesn’t lead out. They took people looking for a way out and lead them on a road that just wanders further into the canyon.

Whoever hears of David Mayo these days? I don’t. After his group folded in something like 1986 I heard he had a nondescript job of some kind and can’t even remember what it was. I could care less and either can anyone else.

No one has to take these guys “down.”  The only power that David Mayo had was that he had been Senior C/S Int. Without that, no one would have even been interested in listening to what he had to say, and when they did they regretted it.

Yet they don’t just cut that line, they attack the line. They may get a sudden surge of “power” from it. When you cut an electrical line, it doesn’t just stop, there is a surge first. But it can’t last – they have cut the line that was flowing them power. It is going to just stop at some point.

But again, he took people down with him. I think sometimes of the people who went with Mayo, as I knew some of them. I look at what we have today that we didn’t have then – FPRD, OT 8, the Golden Age of Tech, the Basics, Ideal Orgs. Just my wins on the Basics alone have been so incredible. And I think man, didn’t those people cut their own throats. I wonder if they look today and realize how much they missed out on because of Mayo.

The little gang today can’t really attack LRH as they didn’t have that proximity. And you can’t really attack LRH any more. So they are doing it with COB. Same dramatization. The only thing that makes them interesting – the only reason anyone will even listen to them – is that they worked with COB. But as they no longer work with him, like the ones that went before them, they are going to become less and less interesting as the days go by, until they too are going to have trouble keeping their lights on at home.

One day we will look back on Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder and wonder what ever happened to them. But no one will really care.

When we’re on the other side of the release of Superpower, OT 9 and 10, and who knows what other surprises we’ll see in the next years, we’ll look at the people who went with them and think man, didn’t they cut their own throats.

I wonder if they know how much they missed out on because of those guys.

I will close with the following quote: