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Here’s two good words to learn today – brouhaha and hullabaloo. The former (brouhaha) is defined as excited public interest, discussion, or the like, as clamor attending some sensational event; hullaballo; and the latter (hullaballo)is defined as a clamorous noise or disturbance; uproar.

If you’ve read The New Yorker magazine then you’ve read Lawrence Wright’s Opus Brouhaha or an Opus Hullaballo. Whatever your preference, though some have tagged it Opus B-o-r-i-n-g!

Coordinated media bliz? Rumors flying like debris? Me think that there are somebodies getting a little upset that Scientology is expanding? Getting a little upset that we’re doing something about the drug problem on this planet and the decay of morals and human rights, etc., etc. Well, when Scientology expands the nasties scream.

Every great movement gets attacked and Scientology sure gets its Gladiator games and cross burnings and whatever. So what! Flourish and Prosper!

It seems like a déjà vu? What’s new?

Check what the LRH had to say about these DULL and BORING ATTACKS:


MARCH 14, 1964.

I have just read the “article” in the Saturday Evening Post on “Scientology.”


Here we find all the old saws, the standard propaganda line of the world of Authority.  This “article” is a rather clumsy effort to discredit the leader of a movement by direct personal attack.  This is in actual fact assassination of character.  They cannot simply shoot one — for that makes a martyr.  So they assassinate one’s character.

By misquotes and inferences, statements out of context and avoiding all actual values, they seek to kill confidence and therefore the movement.

But the charges are very old hat indeed.  We have been seeing the same things for 14 years.  Same lies.  “They’re only interested in money.” “It’s all ridiculous.” “Authority disapproves.”  “Not recognized.”  “No degrees.”

There are only a few things that support the world of Authority.  The propaganda runs:  “Medicine is selfless.”  “It is authority.”  “It is recognized.”  “They have degrees.”

That authority drains some huge percent of national income, that they often kill, that the public is not sold on doctors and that degrees do not make results are all true but never mentioned by such conservative magazines.

So such an article is based on a false premise — that somebody has it all comfortably in hand and that all newcomers are false interlopers.

Such articles are vital to maintaining the monopoly of Authority.

By seeking to discredit the person at the head of the movement and not the work itself, such an article avoids the delicate fact that the work might be valuable.

So the minus side of the article is mainly that I have been attacked personally and Scientology has been ridiculed.

That Phelan and the Post opened themselves to a big libel suit in uttering such lies shows how far they are willing to go — which is pretty far.  The medical-government monopoly is worth over 5 billion dollars per annum internationally.  It would do anything to protect itself, even earn a half a million libel suit.

The article was published when it was and said what it said to help the U.S. government in its suit on E-meters.  It was held for some time to coordinate with the government attack.

In England and elsewhere newspapers are restrained from influencing trials but in the U.S. the government encourages the practice.



The article could not avoid certain revelations:

(1) That Scientology is huge.

(2) That it is successful.

(3) That it is efficient.

(4) That it is growing.

These facts were made very plain and a great many people will see them.

The article got the word SCIENTOLOGY spelled right and spread around.

The article gave several points of great mental interest to people and will start some thinking.

It did not demonstrate that Scientology didn’t work.

It got the data about I.Q. rise solidly presented.

But above all, it was too savage.  The datum about its growth does not compare with the datum of how bad it is.  This brings about disbelief.

People are prone to believe that things which are fought must be suffering an injustice.  The underdog complex will make many people turn against the Post’s opinion.  The Post notoriously stands for Authority.  The article, then, will bring a question into many people’s minds and will swing many others over to our side.

In this article, it is of interest to note that the Scientologist is no longer portrayed as a peaceful person.  He is characterized as threatening and violent.

Peaceful movements get very badly mauled as history shows.  So it is not bad to be considered dicey to fool with.

But this invention of the violent Scientologist is a new lie we will see more of, no doubt.



If you’re not talked about at all you’re dead.

The article shows we are not only alive but that we are growing.

It shows there is money.  Therefore it shows success.

It is mainly an attack on me personally, and Scientologists are used to defending that.

It advertises that there is a controversial, successful subject in the world called Scientology that is growing despite all attacks.

To me it only demonstrates the difficulties of bringing philosophy to a highly materialistic Western world.  They are not used to adepts, knowledge and a better life.

And it only indicates to me that we’ll to hold them down and get some shoes on them.  We can.  They’ve run wild too long already.