Marty Rathbun Goes To The Fatherland Part 2

Marty Rathbun evil lookMarty Rathbun is on his way to Germany to slander Scientology and its Founder. He’s taking his wife, Monique “Mosey” Rathbun, along with him on this all expense paid visit as well.

Rathbun has been flying under a “false flag” for several years now, posing as a devotee of Scientology and a loyal defender of L. Ron Hubbard. We here know the truth to be just the opposite, no matter how Marty Rathbun would try to present himself.

He can pretend no longer. Marty Rathbun’s idea of “saving” something is to try to discredit it in a thousand ways, overt and covert. His idea of “help” is to destroy with a thousand cuts, small and large, all while coyly pretending that he “knows what’s best” for the rest of us, and that he’s on a noble mission to “save” us.

At least most “critics” of Scientology would never pretend they adhere to its tenets or admire its Founder. They uniformly make their hostile intentions known up front – continually, and ad nauseam – as is the case with the flailing German hostiles Rathbun is now in collusion with. Suppressive though they also are, they at least are direct enough to make their intentions to destroy Scientology quite clear in all their actions. They do not pretend to want any part of Scientology to exist. In fact there is currently an official proposal to that effect being put forth, by some of the very people Marty and Monique Rathbun intend to work with.

Marty Rathbun’s slippery branding of himself as a former insider of Scientology who still adheres to its practice and principles has had two main audiences: media outlets in search of controversy, and a handful of apostates Marty lured into his cult of personality.  All of this was done under the guise of sensational and alarming “inside” revelations, virtually all of which were either manufactured from whole cloth or were cloaked admissions of his own personal misdeeds.

Yet all of this has played poorly with the aforementioned publics. Marty Rathbun only manages to draw existing apostates into his little circle (and those in single-digits,) and, among the “media,” his disingenuous rants have lost their allure, leaving him with only one or two degraded publications who will print his lies along with child prostitution ads.

Clearly, his plan has failed miserably. Out of desperation he has had to drop the false flag and show his true colors, teaming up with the most virulent Scientology opponent he can find.

Or has he dropped it? Marty Rathbun still seems to think people are believing his duplicitous front. But we here know his true colors.

Marty Rathbun would have us believe he is going to Germany to “save” Scientology and LRH’s legacy, to “reform” views of Scientology, and to “handle” the misconceptions of his fellow SPs in Europe. And how exactly does Rathbun “handle” the anti-Scientology critics he works with? How does he “handle” their “misconceptions”? (There’s a Rathbun euphemism if I’ve ever heard one, calling evil-dripping vitriol “misconceptions”!) The same way he “handled” a British broadcast program, resulting in even greater mockery of Scientology, auditing, and LRH?

The same way he “handled” his New Yorker buddy that resulted in a piece that assembled the foulest lies and “misconceptions” about Scientology and LRH it could gather over 50 years? And making Marty Rathbun himself look like a confused tool in the process?

And now Marty Rathbun heads to Germany.  And who will be meeting Marty & Monique Rathbun at the airport? None other than Ursula Caberta, an employee of the State of Hamburg, who has been stirring the pot of hatred against Scientology and Scientologists in Germany.

Ursula Caberta is the primary purveyor of discrimination against Scientologists in Germany.

Ursula Caberta AnonymousMore than any other German official, Ursula Caberta is responsible for the widespread distribution of false propaganda with the ultimate intent to blacklist and boycott Scientologists from public and private employment and to deny Scientologists the right to contract with the government and the private sector.

As I mentioned before, the United States Department of State, in its International Religious Freedom Report, has for over a decade now,publicly reproached Germany for these and other discriminatory acts that German and visiting American Scientologists have been subject to. As recently as November, 2010 this report stated:

“In response to concerns about Scientology’s ideology and practices, government agencies at the federal and state level and private sector entities established rules or procedures that discriminate against Scientology as an organization and/or against individual members of the church.

“Scientologists continued to report instances of societal and governmental discrimination. Over the last decade, the Church of Scientology has filed legal challenges against many practices used to discriminate against Scientologists in public and private life. These have included suits against the monitoring of the church by state OPC [Office for the Protection of the Constitution] offices, against the use in hiring practices of the so-called ‘sect filter,’ and against workplace discrimination. The courts rendered final, binding decisions on two key issues: the religious bona fides of Scientology and the improper use of so-called “sect filters” to blacklist and boycott Scientologists in the public and private sector.”

Marty Rathbun is keenly aware of this and invalidates it with paranoid conspiracy theories and bizarre generalities.

Regardless – and largely due to the fact that Ursula Caberta continues to flog her spurious “sect filter” in spite of German court orders prohibiting it – the International Religious Freedom Report concludes:

“Scientologists continued to find ‘sect filters’ used against them in education and employment, as well as discrimination in political party membership.”

Caberta is the Hamburg government’s attack dog on the subject of Scientology. She organizes anti-Scientology events designed to create bad publicity for the church.  She invites avowed enemies of the church to attend these events, arranges for the Hamburg government to pay their way, and presents them with awards in front of the press – which is likely how she plans to exploit the visit of Marty and Monique Rathbun as well.  In media interviews Ursula Caberta practically froths at the mouth, continually cutting off anyone with anything positive to say about Scientology with statements that utterly debase our technology and ridicule our beliefs.

Caberta has told lies about the church so outrageous that no less an institution than the U.S. State Department has stepped forward to correct her falsehood.  She continues to deny Scientology’s religious status despite the fact that Germany’s highest court has confirmed it.

Although her methods have been repeatedly branded discriminatory and illegal by German courts, Ursula Caberta continues to disseminate her false propaganda unabated.  She is closely allied with “anti-sect” groups in Europe and North America, using every opportunity to stoke hatred against Scientology.  Not only is she paid by the Hamburg government to do this kind of dirty work, in 2000, in blatant violation of a government official’s duty of neutrality, she took $75,000 from a private individual who at the time was funding anti-Scientology litigation in the U.S.  In 2002, after a penal investigation, she was fined 7,500 Euro and in 2003 a Hamburg court found that Ursula Caberta violated her duty of neutrality as a government official. I am wondering if she ever stopped.

And Ursula Caberta is now Marty’s Rathbun’s new best friend.

In allying himself with Ursula Caberta, Marty Rathbun allies himself with a virulent anti-LRH, anti-Scientology individual.

There can no longer be any doubt that Marty Rathbun is an enemy of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, and all who believe in freedom of religion as a human right.

His efforts to “save,” “reform,” and “set the record straight” are just the same false flag with slightly different colors.

We are not deceived, Marty.