It’s Great to be a Scientologist

Below is an email I received from a regular contributor on this site. I have decided to publish it as it has a good message, even though the author has needed correction for maintaining connections with known SPs. The fact that she has been corrected, without getting upset, strengthens the message she wanted to communicate.

“Dear X,

For some reason I still harbor a hope that I may be able to turn two squirrel/SP friends back from the path they have headed down. I don’t know why I do it, but I still try. No matter the evidence I take them of how well the Church is doing, how happy the staff are, how quick and easy the Bridge is, how theta the group is, or anything else, I seem to get nowhere. The data is thought by them to be a lie, or is somehow magically twisted by them to prove some other point.

After another epic fail at handling these people on Saturday, I spent Sunday at an Ideal Org fundraising BBQ. The contrast between the two experiences is what caused me to write to you.

Being with these two groups could not be more different. With the squirrels, no matter how hard I try to change the subject, the communication always comes back to the Church. It is like a stuck picture right in the middle of their lives. It dominates them like a cathedral on top of a hill dominates a small medieval town. Everything they do is done in the shadow of it – they are never free from it.

But not only that, it is as though there is some high priest in that cathedral that is watching that they do not step out of line; that they are using the ‘facts’ that have been decreed as the correct viewpoint and the correct responses. They seem scared to look, to think on their own, to evaluate data using their own minds, to admit that they have made a mistake, to muster the courage to face the truth.

At the BBQ, among real friends, things were so different that I yearned to have my squirrel/SP friends be there for just 5 minutes. (I don’t know what to call them – they were friends and that is why I feel an obligation toward them. They are not declared, but they have joined the squirrels and publicly departed Scientology. For now I will call them ‘squirrel friends’). I felt certain that if they could just be there it would handle them once and for all.

For a start, there were about 30 people, including 4 that I had never heard of before. There were many interesting conversations, accompanied by much laughter and genuine up-toneness. The tone level was at Strong Interest as a group and never went below Mild Interest all day long.

I spoke with one person who had been having a really tough time with his business (he makes top end leather jackets) for several months. He had been pulled in by the local WISE people and had been given a once over and then sent into the org to do the Life Improvement Courses on goals, conditions and finances. His business has turned around and he is so busy he is having to hire 2 staff.

Another very good friend (a Scottish guy who has been around forever) was raving about the auditing he had just had – simply raving. He looks years younger and has just paid in for his NOTS.

Another friend has just attested to NOTS and is going to Flag in December to get onto 7. Another had had a serious illness and was telling me how a friend had come to see her and done a 10 August, which, along with regular assists, had turned the tide and set her well on the way to full recovery.

Here’s the thing. Perhaps it was because the BBQ was the day after I had seen my other ‘friends’, but it came home to me so hard about how great it is to be a Scientologist and how lucky we are.

As Scientologists we have a great group – the best ever. We trust one another and friendships are open and real and free from jealousies. I could go to a BBQ on the other side of the planet and would be welcome and accepted instantly by other Scientologists I had never met. We never need feel down in the dumps, even with all the doom and gloom that is foisted off on us by the media. If things are not going well, we KNOW that there is simply some piece of tech that we have not applied and that if we do, it will all come out OK. We have many ways to find that tech – either from friends or by going into the org and seeing qual, or ethics or having a session. We are never alone, and we never have to be at effect.

We have tech to handle every situation in life, and are encouraged and helped to do so. Ethics, PR, Marketing, Organizing, Data Series, PTS S/P, Admin Know How, OEC, ESTO, Cramming – the list just goes on and on. We can survive anything; we can turn any motion to our advantage.

Compare all of that to the compulsion to natter all day long, the need to point a finger and try use it to assign blame, to feel hard done by and at effect of life and the environment – as is the daily routine of my ‘other friends.’ It’s incomparable.

And in stark contrast to the disaffected complainers, none of us had any ridges at all on donating toward the next Ideal Org. My ‘squirrel friends’ have a real problem with this – I never have. We want new upstat premises, capable of delivering more and more Scientology.

My point – keep up the good work. Keep putting out the message to the few that might listen to the entheta and point out the lies that Marty and Mike tell, and the fears they try force off on people. Keep pointing out that they are violating every technology that LRH ever researched – all those that I listed and every other one as well.

Squirrels do not have a true group. They do not have true friends. They do not apply the tech even though they claim to know it and have no restrictions on doing so. They fear the future and are insecure. Anyone planning on joining them, or flirting with them, should do a proper doubt formula exactly by the book as they are making the most major decision of their lives. One that, as I have discovered, seems to be irreversible even in the face of extreme evidence to the contrary after the fact.

The ONLY power the SPs have is the power to enturbulate, and they do that by cutting affinity lines. They cut affinity for Ron, for our execs, for the Bridge, for the orgs. It is the only thing they can do, and if people know what is going on they do not fall for it.”