Marty Rathbun: A Quantum of Soullessness

Marty Rathbun is now pontificating from his chair as High Priest that the purpose of Training Routines (TRs) is to enable an individual to avoid being stuck in the past and attain enlightenment.

Yes, the same Marty Rathbun who has spent years now trying to make a living on his Victim Tour, in which he portrays himself (and others) as undeserving victims of heinous, unforgivable and unwarranted past transgressions against him, now pretends to being in the present and being enlightened. (I challenge you to find anyone who tries harder than Rathbun to get his name and face in the media by re-living past hallucinatory horrors.)

On the German leg of his tour, in order to draw sympathy for himself over imaginary “unforgivable” transgressions committed against him, Rathbun worked up tears and stifled sobs, claiming they had left him a pitiful remnant of a once proud and self-determined man. Phony? Or stuck in the past? Or both?

Yes, this is the same Marty Rathbun whose idea of being in the present, observing and communicating, is to spit on women, shoulder-bump any “punks” who dare ask him any questions that aren’t softballs, slam car doors on reporters, and chew nervously and blankly on a toothpick when asked a simple direct question to which he can’t think of an answer.

And on top of this, Rathbun takes it upon himself to write an “introduction” to TRs – as they are delivered in his squirrel enclave.

But in Marty’s world, talking about something is the same as knowing or realizing. Marty and his ghost writer friends share this glib viewpoint and anyone who knows or observes them can see their faux-intellectual maundering has little to do with their actions and activities. Once again, it is all words and no show. And it ends as usual with a pitch to come and pay Marty money.

Needless to say, Rathbun misunderstands TRs overall, viewing them as a means to attain self-centered “enlightenment,” rather than the tools they were designed to be – to be used in helping others get real tech applied to their betterment.

But then, it’s been pointed out here many times that Marty is all about Marty.

The “TRs” delivered by Marty will be as effective on himself and others as navel-gazing if his past record of results is any indicator. But he’ll probably manage to hook a few fellow destructive personalities who are also still trying to find their soul.