Marty Rathbun: Anti-Scientologist & Anti-LRH

Mark "Marty" Rathbun

Marty Rathbun is on a psychotic mission to destroy Scientology, Scientologists and LRH’s tech.

That is an extremely suppressive agenda, and one which, if admitted to as bluntly as I have stated it here, would lose him support and prevent him gaining future support.   Rathbun needs support – people who echo his outrageous claims, people who read and comment on his blog, and most importantly people who sympathize with him and send him money.

Marty long ago realized that he could not afford to tell people his true motivations and intentions. Instead he realized that the smart thing would be to continually tell a huge lie and use it to sucker people into supporting him.

We all know that Marty Rathbun has told a series of big lies and managed for a while to get sensational press coverage due to their outlandish, alarming nature.

But what is the biggest lie that Marty could tell?   The most outrageous lie that is so big that by virtue of its total assault on logic and all evidence to the contrary, it seems credible? Or, as the originator of the Big Lie Theory explained it in his book, Mein Kampf, a lie so big that people “would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

And thus, they would think, it must be true. No one could have the nerve to lie so outrageously.

The Big Lie” that Marty tells is that he loves, honors and supports LRH, and Scientology Technology.

Marty thinks he can sell this Big Lie by repeating it often enough, making it sound as believable as he can, embellishing it every chance he gets, putting on lots of fake shows and making fake gestures, and even presenting others who have zero integrity to publicly “confirm” his lie(s). Marty’s not above even getting “emotional” in public when he embroiders the lie.

Now, emboldened by the fact that he has been telling that lie for 2 years and some media and his followers are buying it, he has decided to step things up a notch.  It seems to be a test of how far can one push a lie before it shatters in the light of truth.

Before he went to Germany, Marty claimed that he was going there to sort things out for Scientology, and that in 3 days he was going to undo all of the problems that exist in that country.

When he got to Germany one of his dupes told us that he was paid to be there and that his paymaster and new friend, was none other than Ursula Caberta.  Marty has hooked up with other people in the past who have a similar agenda, but in the case of Caberta we are afforded clearer insight into his duplicity.

Caberta happily hooked Rathbun up with the self-admitted psychotic and vexatious litigator Graham Berry and local members of “anonymous” (acting suspiciously like Caberta’s own employees) as well as known Scientology attackers from German media.

Caberta’s own agenda is the total obliteration of Scientology and Scientologists from Germany.

Marty Rathbun well knows that Ursula Caberta has been under the influence of drugs and alcohol for years as evidenced by the fact that she suffers from cotton mouth and erratically twitches, starts and spasms (tardive dyskinesia).   Rathbun also knows that Caberta’s career has been flagging since she was fined for taking a $75,000 bribe to attack Scientology, and since her actions embarrassed German internationally. Rathbun knows that her religious-cleansing-cum-secret-police-operation was disbanded and defunded and that the German government itself even tried to distance itself from it after initially supporting it.

In an effort to help her re-start her career, Marty supported her at a press conference where he praised her and her work, and once again re-iterated his big lie about LRH.

How can someone who is supposedly pro-LRH support someone who is totally anti-LRH?  Well, you can’t explain that to anyone, and so Marty used his favorite twist and claimed that it was only “Corporate Scientology” that both he and Caberta were against.

This is another huge lie, based on “The Big Lie”.  The Scientology Churches are the LRH solution to getting his technology applied.  They are an integral part of his technology.

On the other hand, Rathbun’s “support” of Scientology and LRH has resulted in not one book sold to a new person, and not one course delivered to anyone, new or already “independent.” He lives and works in a “shack” and occasionally goes through the motions (mockery) of delivering “auditing” to himself and a few desperate others using a non-functioning meter, and virtually nothing else even resembling “Standard Tech.”

Ursula Caberta

Caberta is not anti-Scientology per se.   She is anti-LRH.  She created and implemented the “sect filter,” which is about LRH technology, NOT the Church.

In fact the so-called “surveillance” on Scientology, conducted by the German Intelligence Service, was conducted because her creepy little operation considered L. Ron Hubbard’s tech unconstitutional. So they are attacking the very core of the Scientology religion: THE TECH!

This is the clause of the “Sect Filter” that Marty Rathbun supports:


         “I, the signer, hereby declare that

“1) I/my company does not use the technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

“2) neither me nor my employees have been trained in the technology of L. Ron Hubbard and do not attend courses and/or seminars based on the technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

“3) I reject the technology of L. Ron Hubbard for the use in my company (or seminars).”

This is what Marty Rathbun is all about.