Marty Rathbun Can’t Help Himself

Marty Rathbun makes a practice of supporting harmful actions and attacking beneficial ones.

As a commenter here pointed out recently, it doesn’t matter what Rathbun attacks about, he will always have “reasons” for attacking and will manufacture complaints on which to attack. The one constant is his imperative to attack, and in fact, to destroy.

Even some of Rathbun’s own readers have noticed that Rathbun doesn’t find anything good to say even about the most obvious benefits and successes of the Church. In fact he goes out of his way to dream up faults in such efforts. If it were up to Rathbun, the tremendous aid the Church has delivered to disaster victims, the life-changing improvements brought to the illiterate, dramatic crime decreases brought about by dissemination of The Way to Happiness – just for example – all would not even be attempted.

What does Marty Rathbun do while the Church of Scientology rolls up its sleeves and helps so many?  He sits along the sidelines of life lashing out at those who would truly help their fellow human beings, issues mean spirited criticisms of anything and everything he can think of relating to Scientology and its Founder, and conducts an incessant campaign to try and build a cult of his own personality founded on hatred of those he betrayed.

Who does he support? Long-established religious bigots who have spent decades trying to eliminate Scientology altogether. Media suppressives who crave Rathbun’s “controversial” remarks while supporting themselves by advertising prostitution. Any and every bitter internet denizen who will contribute in any way to his efforts to destroy a religion.

You would consider such a person psychotic, and you would be right:

“The actual psychotic is covertly or overtly destructive of anything the rest of us consider good or decent or worthwhile.

Sometimes such a being is “successful” in life, but the end result of his activities are what you would expect – total smash. “

The true psychotic brings about an hysterical, apathetic or deranged mental condition in others. He or she does it for many “good reasons,” does it for no reason at all, or doesn’t even notice that he is doing it.

The true psychotic worships destruction and abhors reasonable, decent or helpful actions.”

In listening to Rathbun, you can see that he believes (or hopes) that people can’t be truly helped. This is a large part of why he himself doesn’t make the effort to help, and decries those who do.

“Further, he would not help his fellow man if his own life depended on it-he would rather perish.”